More workers GOT FIRED TODAY AT First Caribbean International Bank!

FirstCaribbean Bank offices on Shirley Street.

Union President at the bank tell the nation more of her members were sent home today. The union President Theresa Mortimor told ZNS what is so wrong, ‘We allow a foreign company to come in our country to fire our Bahamian workers and we cannot say a word.”

Bahamas Press will have some damming words for the the WUTLESS MINISTER OF LABOUR  bank by Sunday 15th May, 2011 at 3pm.




  1. FCB has lost close to $2 billion in deposits over the past 3 years and has seen its profitability and reputation decline significantly. With this level of mismanagement, it’s hard to understand their moves in firing more and more Bahamians. Does the executive have a clue about what they are doing?

  2. I listened to the second clip and I just got of the phone with a family member who was laid of from Our Lucaya. All of the agencies the Minister spoke about was not organised and was claimed. Specifically the apprentiship programm was nothing.When persons showed up at those places they were told that there was no such arrangement. As for the $5k business grant, there are still persons waiting from a year ago for approval, no one is receiving approval. The unemployment benefits, well that another sad sorry. It’s just a shame and disgrace that politics is always trumping a real concern for our people!!

  3. Mr Been at P.way freeport should be the first one to go he is a crook of the first order….a LAIR OF ALL LIARS….A CON ARTIST OF THE FIRST ORDER, WORSE THAN P. ADDERLEY…OOPS! SORRY BUT U TO DAMN CROOKED

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