Mother on Grand Bahama in distress told BP she cannot get her NIB unemployment money sent to ISLAND PAY?


The company refuses to answer questions from hundreds of unemployed NIB clients! WHERE DA MONEY?!


FREEPORT| Single mothers with babies crying in the background are contacting BP tonight for help after they got no redress from the Government Digital Wallet contracted company ISLAND PAY.

Island Pay was contracted to assist NIB in the mass unemployment benefit distribution exercise which is supposed to support residents who have been laid off in the pandemic. 

With the baby screaming in the background, one distressed mother said, “BP, I need my money from Island Pay. The government began transferring money through the company and that’s when all hell broke loose. I was doing well here in Freeport, collecting my $150 from NIB. But they transfer payments to this company which has no office!? They are not responding to WhatsApp, emails nothing!

“Island pay owes me over $500 and they refuse to respond to my distress? I have a lil baby and rent to pay and this is ridiculous!”

With her voice cracking with emotion and showing obvious signs of deep distress, the mother said, “Someone has to do something about this company. The government has paid these people and we on the back end cannot collect our funds? I have many friends here on Grand Bahama who are experiencing the same distress from this Island Pay company and this is wrong. We have to pay a fee also for each transfer of funds and we are unemployed BP! Everyone is ignoring us and we need help!”

One month ago – back on August 11th – BP questioned how Island Pay, without any experience in the money markets business in the Bahamas, was selected to carry out these payments? how did Island Pay get the contract to work with NIB?

In that same article, we questioned whether Island Pay was being monitored and approved for operation in the money markets by the Central Bank of the Bahamas or the Securities Commission? We got no response and no one in the press followed up this report.

We also posted the question of whether or not the company has any proper license to function in the Bahamas?

Someone in Island Pay and the Government of the Bahamas must answer these serious questions and address these concerns of the PEOPLE! Boy, yinner mussy plan to leave the Bahamas when an election is over, eh?

We report yinner decide!