Murder count climbs to nineteen overnight


Murder carnage in the country climbs by one

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is recording the 19th murder in the country as the slaughter of the young men and women in the country increased by one.

The victim we can tell you is, Lavardo Thurston AKA Giant. He was attending a waterhole in the heart of the city called Larry’s Pub where he became involved in an argument.

We can tell you that around 2:00PM as the club was closing and the patrons were leaving, everyone began to run back into the club as they were being pursued by a male who was seen discharging a firearm.

When the shooting stopped, Thurston was found lying on the floor with multiple gunshots about the body.

Police are investigating the shooting incident which also let another victim in hospital.

He is detained in stable condition.

The incident increases the murder country in the capital to 445 murder incidents since 2007.

We report Yinner decide!


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