Murder in Cable Beach early this morning is the second incident in July


COP of Police, Ellison Greenslade is the man who is cleaning up the streets of the entire Bahamas!

Are we seeing a reduction in Crime Already? Super COP Greenslade is cleaning up the streets

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press is breaking news this morning as we report another murder here in the capital. Now this is the second murder for the month, but it is another deadly incident nevertheless.

We can report the body of a young man lay lifeless in the Super Value Shopping Center in the Cable Beach area sometime early this morning.
Police have collected evidence and we are told the scene was not good.

Police are investigating.


A 25-year-old man of Winton Meadows is in police custody after being found in possession of fifteen (15) kilos of suspected Cocaine. Preliminary police reports indicate that around 4:15 pm on Wednesday 04th July, 2012 officers of the Airport Police Station acting on information from U.S. Customs & Border Protection personnel, conducted a search of a commercial aircraft and discovered the drugs inside a suitcase. The drugs have an estimated weight of forty (40) pounds and an estimated street value of two hundred and forty thousand ($240,000.00) dollars. Active police investigations continue.

In keeping with the Commissioner 2012 policing plan, “Tackling Crime & Allaying the Fear of Crime”, police continue to remove illegal firearms from the streets of New Providence. The most recent removal occurred around 4:44 pm on Wednesday 4th July, 2012. Preliminary police reports indicate that officers of the Mobile Division acting on information conducted a search of bushes at Sears Hill Road where they uncovered a high-powered weapon. To date police have removed three hundred and one (301) firearms, along with four thousand, four hundred and thirteen (4,413) rounds of ammunition from throughout the Bahamas.


In keeping with the Commissioner of Police 2012 policing plan “Enforcing the Rules of the Road”, officers of the Traffic Division conducted operation “Deadly Catch” on Coral Harbour Road. The operation was held on Wednesday 4th July, 2012 between the hours of 8:45 am and 10:30am and resulted in eighty (80) drivers being cited for various traffic infractions. Seventy-two (72) drivers were cited for the offence of speeding, Contrary to Section 43 of Chapter 220 of the Road Traffic Act and fined $100.00 each. Seven (7) individuals were cited for Driving while not having their seat belts fasten, Contrary to Section 42(c)(1) of the Chapter 220 the Road Traffic Act and fined $100.00 each. Additionally, one (1) driver was cited for failing to stop when requested to do so by a police officer Contrary to Section 58 of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 220. Members of the public are reminded to adhere to the rules governing the usages of our roadways, as the officers of the Traffic Division and by extension the Royal Bahamas Police Force remain steadfast in its resolve to maintaining law and order while providing a Safer Bahamas for us to Live, Visit, Work and Play.


On Monday 2nd July, 2012 an incident occurred at Curtis, Exuma which resulted in the death of a male. Police have identified the victim as 30-year-old RICARDO ROLLE of CURTIS, EXUMA. Initial police reports indicate that the deceased got into an altercation with a family member and was subsequently chopped multiple times about the body. Police are questioning a 22-year-old relative in connection with this incident. Active police investigations continue.