National Polls places the Free National Movement into opposition

Carl Bethel soon to be FIRED as FNM CHAIRMAN.

Nassau, Bahamas — There is now scientific proof, which affirms if an election was called today in the Bahamas, the Progressive Liberal Party will be called upon to form the government. The polling done by BP/Cardiff pollsters also confirms Perry Gladstone Christie’s PLP would overwhelmingly win by a landslide.

The numbers are shocking to say the least as the Outgoing Free National Movement Government is becoming more and more unpopular by the day.

Crime and unemployment rocks the concerns of those polled and are issues number one plaguing the outgoing regime of Hubert Ingraham. The inability to create employment in four and half years have become the monkey on the back on the government, forcing even hard-line FNMs polled to collect their support to the DNA.

Bahamas Press can also confirm polls from the Free National Movement reported just last week confirms the government is polling under 25% in the popular vote across the country and among FNMs is riding an all-time low, where only 35% believes the FNM will be returned to government.

The news is not surprising at all when one assesses the overall bad management of the country by the FNM has delivered to the country since taking office in 2007.

The blatant corruption, the FNM’s bad management at BEC, the selling of BTC, closing of the Hotel Corporation, the inability to collect garbage, the rising taxes [gas tax], increased license fees and the comatose state and bad management of New Providence Road Programme are just a few of the failed achievement of the Ingraham Government highlighted in the poll.

The news is so bad, business owners and former employees along East Street, Blue Hill Road, Prince Charles Drive, Market Street, and Robinson Road had all posted grave disgust over the government’s bad management of the road project and vows to reject the Ingraham regime in a survey taken.

The news was so damaging for the FNM, that its has postponed its November National Convention to early next year and is now looking at a new election date for sometime in February 2012, just before Lent.


  1. “Think Bahamas”, don’t try to dEtract from the poll results. Conduct your own poll if you want to. And use whatever basis you want. See what results you get. Get Real!! This is not 2007.

  2. When since 55 people make a poll…. seems that the opinion is Bias based on sheer lack of numbers to draw a true representation of the electorate. Was the poll conducted online? what is the given margin of error used? To make bold assumption based on 55 people is such BS… I guess it serves to boost whatever base supports your views…. I am sure if you increase your poll from 55 a closer result will be relized. Continue polling…. heard the same thing in 2007.

  3. You said it correctly, “Nassau Gone Funky”.
    One of the worst is the BLATANT corruption in this FNM government!!! Corruption in an abundance e.g. in Education, Environmental Health, Works, Youth and Sports etc. It’s a crying shame! SHOCKING!!!!

  4. Small businesses carry the backload of economics in the country. The road works have killed many businesses. The organization who went to court and had a ruling in their favor over the road works was the wake up call for the FNM. However, the monies that the organization have to pay their legal team is enormous!
    At least with the PLP government, we can rest assured that Mr. Perry Christie would not have RUSHED into these road works projects and we could have been assured that he and the PLP would not have taxed the Bahamian people out of their jockies and panties!
    I am confident that the PLP is the only choice next election for this country, regardless of what people may say about the PLP. The FNM only for them and their cronies! 200+mil of tax payers monies to an FNM high ranking MP, and then turnaround and talk about that road firm was the only solution because their prices cheaper? How you think their road firm prices got so cheap and they able to offer a better bid? Years of contracts being awarded, years of cronyism, years of the same ole, same ole not giving the poor man a chance, just the elite!
    Let’s vote these jokers out and send them back to the cracks and dark holes they emerged from!
    Let us tell the Pillsbury Doe Boy with cheese that the partying is almost over! That red jungaless gal will be a memory soon to come as his world of bodyguards, Karioke at Lil Tits Bar, the Regattas with the good ole boys will come crashing down like a satellite from the skies! (lol)
    PLP, all the way! Allll the wayyyy… allllll the wayyyyyy!

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