News Happening NOW: Mass Demonstration outside the Department of Social Services


BP is reporting a mass demonstration at this hour outside the Department of Social Services headquarters on Thompson Blvd.

The event occurs on the 4th anniversary of the FNM government, which has pauperized Bahamians and enriched Brent Symonette, the Moskos and the 19 wealthy FNM benefactors.

Babies are crying for FOOD, while papa travels the globe drinking fine wine.


  1. All government agencies and institutions MUST BE INVESTIGATED for the mistreatment of their employees. It saddens me to hear when people complain about government workers who are not public servants themselves and therefore have no idea of the abuse and victimization that these workers experience on a daily basis from their politically appointed bosses.

    And BP if it is true about BTVI’S Associates Degrees this must be investigated for everyone concerned. As well as their treatment of the staff who have been working on contracts for more than five, ten, fifteen years with no raises, no pension, and no gratuities.

    I mean even the contract foreign workers get thousands of dollars in gratuities after every three year contract and BTVI workers dont.SHAME SHAME!! The Minister of Education according to reliable sources is more than aware of the poor treatment of BTVI staff and simply does not care because they are not unionized and FOREIGN. The union presidents dont give a hoot either. Lord those people doom at this rate.

    We need change BADLY!!!

  2. yes i agree with bobby 1000% ms marche and her crew were at social services today , and not a soul could answer the question on the government compensation studies completed since 2007 which if used should answer the problem for most part in social services.

  3. I hope that the Social Workers and other workers at the Ministry of labour and Social Development get what is deserving of them.

    For far too long those people who really are the back bone of this country went unnoticed. Poor working conditions, lack of respect by clients and administration,LOW salary etc.etc.

    The Directors and the Ministers get the big bucks, while those hard working people get nothing.

    SHAME on the Governments and the Ministers responsible for those people.

  4. BP, yall need to go and do an investigation of BTVI. They are taking the students money for a degree that is not accredited anywhere. Stealing from the most vulnerable in society. Should start with the administrators who have hold positions that they do not have qualifications for. People are mysteriously fired with no explanation. Persons jobs are threatened when they do not agree to falsify letters and records for the Senior Managers. Yet the Ministry of Education remains eerily silent..Go look into that BP.

  5. Good for them; I am proud that these workers are finally standing up for themselves. We as workers have to understand that united we are strong divided we are weak, and in this country many employers are happy to see us divided.

    We must also stop throwing away our money to unions, who are being outsourced or bought off by employers who want us to remain in the sad situation.

    I hope this protest serves as an example for other government organizations who are being ran by tyranical bosses like the manager of Social Services, BTVI, Finance and so on. But they continue to get away with oppressing their workers because of political affliation.

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