Olympian Medal Stolen in the Bahamas as thieves ransack Davis Home

Golden girls Pauline and Eldese together at Government House.

Nassau, Bahamas — Thieves in New Providence ransacked the home of a decorated Olympian, Paulene Davis-Thompson, over the weekend and took all of her fine medals in the exercise.

This is the second robbery against the international athlete, who was first robbed out of her medal when in Sydney Australia back in 2000, she raced against Marion Jones and lost. The medal was later taken from Jones following a scandal over that race, and Davis was awarded the Gold.

But in this latest incident some criminals are holding the world track star medals, and we believe they are headed to one of the cash for gold centers. The cash-in on stolen gold items is the new modern-day pirating practise in the Bahamas, where stolen items are traded in for cash.

The Ingraham government placed a ban on all scrap metal exports across the country to stem the copper thefts, however, they have done nothing to ban the gold purchasing businesses to stop thieves from raiding homes, ransacking the property of citizens  and killing people like the buccaneers of Port Royal. Is it because the cash for GOLD centres are owned by foreigners and special interests supportive of the government that they will allow this modern-day crime to fester?

Thieves also stole Paulene’s Merit Award granted to her by the Government of the Bahamas. In tears telling reporters Davis said, “The flat screen TV and other items can be replaced, but the medals I have worked so hard for cannot.”

A resident hearing the sad news said, “Crime is far out of control in the Bahamas and is now at alarming levels. Who would want to steal the accomplishments of a world track star who has given her life to the Bahamas? This is sad and will definitely not give the Bahamas good PR in the world.”

Medals of Paulene Davis-Thompson stolen from her home in Western New Providence over the weekend and are in the hands of a cash for gold vendor.



  1. I was hoping that the PM would of implemented strong laws against these damn housebreakers as something desperately needs to be done. Everyday hundreds of homes are broken into and families raped of their personal items. I recommend removing a limb.

  2. I was hoping that the PM would of announced some stiff penalties for housebreakers. These suckers need to be lynched.

  3. If Marion Jones get wind of this, I could see her saying, “ Well her own people stole it from her, they might as did let me keep them. Now she don’t have them and I don’t have them”. This does not look good for the country, I hope this doesn’t get out there in the international media. On top of that we already have a high murder rate.

  4. These days. I don’t trust no one. Who you think for you, don’t be for you. Two to one it might be someone she knows very well and overlooking. People cold you know, even some of her own family members might have been jealous of her accomplishments. They going through a little difficult time with this recession and they remember she has those medals there and they go right there and steal them to see how much they could get for them. This is sad man! The girl worked so hard for them and she is not as young as she use to be. I hope they bring them back, because you could see this is breaking her heart. She must be had them in her home to show her friends and family whenever they were visiting her, it might have been better if she had put them away in a safety deposit box or don’t let nobody know she had them in her home. You would be surprised to know how long those thieves were eyeing them. I see people like to brag and show off what they have, I don’t do it, people are too wicked!

  5. I thought I watched Pauline Davis-Thompson present her gold medal to Prime Minister Ingraham in the House of Assembly and that it was a break in tradition for a civilian to have the floor while Parliament was in session. She said that her success was due to his support. So the medal is still safe if he indeed has it.

  6. I’ll venture to guess that the medals do not have traceable isotope markers in the metal, so they can’t be tracked.
    They’re more than likely already melted and sold as gold scrap…

  7. now tell me, why would they steal the gold metal it is not like you could display it somewhere! pauline, stand right up to the cash for gold door and they will soon appear. i hope they do not dispose of it now that it is hot. just leave it someplace with so that she could find it. thanks in advance.

    • (I’m guessing)The medals probably don’t have isotope markers, in which case the metal is probably untraceable.
      Chances are they’ll be melted and sold as gold scrap.

  8. Gadddammmm, if they go that low they mite as well tief the gal phukin panties and bra the same time. Come on Bahamas, let pretend like we aint just come out the dam bush. Gaddammmm, sorry Pauline, but you can’t be dam surprised.

    • Pauline Davis-Thompson presented her gold medal to Prime Minister Ingraham in the House of Assembly. The medal wasn’t stolen. I remember that it was big talk for a civilian to walk the floor of Parliament while it was in session.

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