One set a rules for us and another set of rules for CORRUPT Minnis and Da FNM!


Big Celebrations and Law Breaking Took Place on New Providence this Friday past.

By Chairman of the Progressive Young Liberals Duran Saunders

I note the images of the recent wedding ceremony of Ministry of Health Communications Officer Xavier Knowles that made the rounds on social media for its blatant violations of existing Emergency Orders and safety protocols issued by the Competent Authority.

So egregious were the violations that the ceremony made the front pages of a daily newspaper.

Did the organizers and participants secure permission for the numbers or were they claiming special privileges as political insiders due to their political connections?

This is the kind of double standard that has dogged this FNM administration from the start of this COVID-19 pandemic. One set of rules of them and their cronies and another set of rules for everybody else.

On the issue of health and safety, attendees were seen not wearing face masks and not practicing social distancing in clear violation of the rules.

As a health official, one would think that this social event would be in compliance with the protocals established by the Competent Authority upon consultation from the Ministry of Health (Knowles place of employment).

The newspaper story confirmed that The Competent Authority did not grant permission to have this event with the amount of people in attendance.

This matter requires further scrutiny and must be addressed by the Police. How do you expect other Bahamian citizens to follow the law when the people communicating the message are flaunting the law?

I refer to the arrest, prosecution of and fine of Marvin Joseph who was only seeking to provide for his family.

As National Youth leaders, we must set the right examples for our fellow brothers and and sister to follow and abiding by the laws is a good place to start.

Knowles and Bethel are sending the wrong message: their behaviors were both lawless and corrupt and do not engender public confidence.

This also clearly demonstrates to the Bahamian people that members of Minnis’ own camp don’t support the measures and protocols put in place by their leader.

Mr. Competent Authority and Mr. Police Commissioner, we the Bahamian people would like to know how this matter will be resolver?

The Progressive Liberal Party continues to encourage all Bahamians to Protect Yourself! Save Yourself!

Continue to practice Social Distancing!

Wear your masks and wash your Hands!

Stay Safe Bahamas!