Opposition parties still represent the real super majority in the country!


You can count the days when North Abaco will see a visit from Christie…

FNM must begin its return to government by having nationwide conversation with the people...

Nassau, Bahamas – By far Perry Gladstone Christie has won a super majority in the Parliament and his PLP victory in North Abaco is major. By far, the PLP commands a large majority in the house, but outside those hallowed halls of honorable men and women, there lies a very shaky foundation.

As early as yesterday, ‘cussin’ could be heard at the Abaco airport terminal as team PLP was about to leave. They leave behind plenty promises, pipe dreams and wholesale hopes on the backs of the community of North Abaco. We believe yesterday was the last time Christie and his angelic Gold Rush would be seen.

But Renardo Curry is a decent candidate. North Abaco knows he is one a dem, but we at Bahamas Press will count the days to see what seat around the GOLD RUSH table Christie has for Curry.

We will be watching and waiting like the people waited for a healer to see if Curry will even have a seat. Just minutes after Curry was elected, the Gold Rush leader told the leader of Government Business in the House to delay a seat for Curry in the Parliament – so imagine the one for him around that GOLD RUSH table?

They are slow to deliver, weak on conclusions, empty on promises and unable on getting things done. Don’t believe us? Go ask the thousands of young supporters still waiting to get a call in to their elected new MP – that will give you a snapshot.

And as for the FNM, well, all we could say is this, “Be encouraged!” Every gunshot ain’t dead and every goodbye ain’t gone!

You see, the official opposition commands outside the House of Assembly a super majority – not just the FNM, but DNA, NDP, and all independents – all of them together represent HR Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. So it is not over.

The Free National Movement’s task right now is to remove itself from this exclusive group and transform itself into a group of inclusion.  The party must take on factions of its historic past and emerge from the ashes of defeat into an amalgamated powerful opposition force.

It must focus itself around one political institution taking on the colours and wishes and dreams of all the groups. The organization may merge itself into a new political culture, attractive to young people, and transform itself into a political weapon – fighting for the advancement of the people.

There is no other way to do it. The FNM of 2017 must become the echoing voice of the New Bahamas. It must become the birthplace of new vision for and on behalf of the people. It must became the party of the future surrounded with ideas and plans that will make the Bahamas better for all – PLPs , FNMs and DNAs.

It must announce an idea of term limits, transparency and accountability in governance. Financial prudence must become the new watchwords for the country.

In 1997 the PLP was right where the FNM is today: out of government and rejected by the people. Back then the PLP was prepared to move in a new direction and wash itself from the past and from 1997 to 2002 – just five short years later – the organization captured the hearts and minds of the ordinary Bahamian.

There is absolutely nothing that prohibits Dr. Hubert Minnis and his FNM team from achieving the same.

And so the road is only long to those who are ill prepared to travel it. In our mind the road to recovery for the FNM is short [4 and a half years]. Time is short.

It is time to rest up for a while and then get back to work knocking on doors and having a conversation with the people. Listen to people and let them know – together we are going to make the Bahamas Better.

We report yinner decide!