Parliamentarian’s wife packs up and leaves candidate saying she has “had enough”


Duane Sands and Sakina Sands back in 2010.

Wife leaves her FNM husband days before VALENTINE –  A valentine Massacre in the east for the FNM

Nassau, Bahamas — A Parliamentarian is on the dunghill tonight as his wife has packed up and left the marital home this Valentine’s Day.

Duane Sands, the bad candidate in Elizabeth, is a single man once again as his wife, Sakina Sands, has thrown in the towel.

Sources close to the couple tell us the wife is livid over Sands’ arrogant and intolerant behaviour. An agent deep inside the FNM told BP, “The same way the heartless surgeon mistreated the single mother at the Mortgage Corporation, his wife is also the victim.”

Sands, many of you would remember, threw a mother and five children out of their home and onto the streets only days before Christmas on the coldest day in winter. “He is heartless and Godless and I give Sakina all rights to leave the man who called the people of Elizabeth ‘Greedy’!” the source said.

Meanwhile, BP has learnt even Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is bending over backwards to reach out to the “victim” in the marriage. However, the attempts by the PM, we are told, has made the situation much worse.

Just last week Prime Minister Ingraham was seen showing the people of Lizzy his hands as he attempted to work his OBEAH on the residents there. One FNM told BP, “He could show them his hand and two left feet, from what we see happening on the ground ain’t no way the FNM can win the general elections.”

We report Yinner decide!


  1. Well, I can’t say I blame the woman. Maybe she’s like me and trying to avoid stress at all cost. It just don’t make sense staying in a stressful relationship. Just to say you are keeping up appearances, if you are not being treated right and you are unhappy, get out of it!! Dealing with stress is not easy you know and it can have serious impacts on your overall health and he as a heart surgeon should know the harmful effects stress can have on a person‘s body. The woman know how she feels and why she might want to leave him and I don’t think anyone should be trying to talk her into staying with this man, if she is unhappy or has the rights to be meddling in their business, because when she has to deal with this man only her one knows what she has to go through.

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