Young Liberal Neil Percentie is murdered victim #282 since 2009


PLP young Liberal, Neil Percentie, recorded as the country's 252md murdered victim tonight in Fox Hill.


PLP Young Liberal Shot Dead Tonight in Fox Hill Shooting. Bahamas Press sources now on the ground have confirmed the victim shot in a white Honda just before midnight to be Neil Percentie. STANDBY later today for a BREAKING UPDATE ON WHERE THE INVESTIGATION IN THIS LATEST HOMICIDE IS….


Breaking UPDATE: Bahamas Press has now confirmed the victim shot in the latest gun attack on a white Honda is pronounced DEAD! WE REPEAT HE IS Pronounced DEAD! EMS workers pronounced the victim dead at midnight. The victim becomes the 282nd murder victim since 2009.

Homicide detectives have just arrived on the scene to open their investigations. We are told at this hour the murder victim’s lifeless body is still in the car at this time. MURDER IN FOX HILL just before midnight.


Bahamas Press is reporting the victim in this shooting is believed to be in his early 20s and was shot while sitting in a white Honda from the rear glass. Particulars in this breaking report are still unknown.

We are now being told Police and EMS personal are attempting to stabilize the victim. The car with the victim inside is now just outside the police station in Fox Hill.


A BREAKING BP NEWS ALERT: Shots have just rung out in the Fox Hill Park area and from what we are hearing someone in the back seat of the car is battling for their life. STANDBY AS BP FOLLOWS THIS BREAKING STORY!!!


  1. Is it me or is the sitting government intentionally trying to sabotage this nation.

    Murderers given bail only after 18 months of incarceration; serious cases not coming up until years later; absolutely no witness protection programs in place; privy council in England ADVISING no death penalty for vicious murder cases. I guarantee you that within 5 years from todays date, this country will be averaging 150 murders a year, with the bunch of that being Bahamian men.

    The next wave of killings, as evidenced by this young man’s murder, will be upwardly mobile professional Bahamian men.

    Well I guess if they cant bread us out they will kill us out eh.

    I guess I would like to extend a premature welcome to the NEW BAHAMAS within 10 yrs (Chinese,Jamaican, Haitian). Ya know its already on the passport.

  2. Lord help us is correct!! Wat happen people????? The Bahamas gone!!!!!!!!!! Ya better see like yuaint see and hear like yuaint hear cos DOG EAT YA LUNCH IF YA GIVE A STATEMENT SAYING WAT YA SEE AND HEAR COS DEY CUMN TA GET YA!! GOD bless his soul. MAY HE REST IN PEACE LORD JESUS> my old neighbour. AMEN

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Neil Percentie, A community activist, friend and schoolmate loved by many not a trouble some person what so ever! Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. Minister Of National Security and the rest of yal jokers in parliament!!!!! We understand yal dont give a shit about us and it seems as if all yal only want from the job is the perks and prestige while the people of your country are slain in the streets….including women, children and now community activist….but ya know what missing from this puzzle? some of yal probably need to be killed, for something to be done about it! because yal dont seem to have an answer!!! sign the big contracts, fix the roads, sell the hotels, collect gifts from the chinese…….what about us the Bahamian people??????? I am so sick of governments coming an marking time until the next election!!! yal please stay away from my house with yal spitty mouths during campaign time……PLP FNM DNA an whoever else I dont want to hear shit from yal!!

  4. Watdahell? Neil? Shot? Why would anyone wanna shoot Neil??? White honda? One of Neil’s buddies drive a white honda civic, hope he wasn’t caught up in that drama.
    Neil was an advocate on solving crime and improving the improvished lifes of people with social issues.
    How could this one happen?

  5. Well I guess they mite as well change the name of New Providence to Liberty City. What could this promising young man have possibly done that was so egregious as to warrant someone murderously and callously taking his life.

    This society is rotten to the core. What we have basically is a bunch of wild untamed dogs masquerading as young men and women. They are vicious, stupid and murderous. God help you if you cros their path, because they are ready to kill you at the drop of a hat for utter foolishness.

    This is basically what we are dealing with presently in this country. Today this young man lost his life, tomorrow it will be somebody else.

    The police hands tied and the judicial system bruk-da-phuk-up. Welcome to the Killing Fields, Pol Pot aint gat nothin on these ninjas.

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