Pastor comes to defence of COP and calls on Christian Council to make a National Apology to Commissioner Greenslade


COP Greenslade – A Commissioner of Wisdom & Integrity!

Pastor Matthew Allen

Dear Editor,

I do sincerely thank you for affording me the opportunity to address a balata, despicable and most disrespectful comments levied toward an outstanding Commissioner of Police; by those of who should know better due to the office they presently hold as members of The Bahamas Christian Council.

How is it, that all it took was a simple Gambling Referendum to bring out a dog like attitude and behavior of the supposedly LOVING, CARING, COMPASSIONET, LONG-SUFFERING, Christian Council; to the point that they’ve even gone as far as to try and belittle the office and function of the Police Commissioner?

I say to the ill-informed members of the Bahamas Christian Council “The Bahamas is still a country of democracy” Every citizen has the lawful right to make application to the Commissioner of Police to hold a none violent demonstration.

There’s absolutely no doubt that our Nation is divided for various reasons and on various issues; and you (supposedly, anointed, Holy Spirit Filled / Led) Christian Council Members due to your press conference after the YES-Campaign to the referendum demonstration on Bay Street Wednesday 23rd, Jan 2013. And your distasteful comments and remarks about the Commissioner of Police and has ability to Enforce Laws in the Bahamas; You Christian Council Members have done an excellent job via your press conference in contributing to the division of this country, and owes The Commissioner of Police and The Royal Bahamas Police Force a National Apology; I cry shame on all of you.

As a Pastor, I would really like to know; who and what give you the rights to attack anybody, much-less the Commissioner of Police and the Royal Bahamas Police Force?  How is it? That you Christian Council members could stoop so low as to even attack the only NATURAL agency that’s PROTECTING you, your families, your congregation and the NATION at large? How could you allow POLITICS to bring down to this level?

Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade

Let me make this emphatically, by NO MEANS whatsoever would I support the legalization of the numbers games and lottery; but also, by NO MEANS would I allow my convictions to pull me down in the gutter of slander and the denigration / assassination of anybody’s character and integrity.

Such comments and attacks from members of the public could somehow be expected, accepted and tolerated; but not from you (Members of The Christian Council), you’re not on trial for your life and have to mount a vicious defense. And if you were on trial, the office that you hold and the Christian Faith that you’re supposedly ascribe calls you to a higher standard.

Christian Council Members here’s what the bible says about Yahshua Messiah (a.k.a. Jesus the Christ)
1Pet.2:23.  Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously:

The Bahamas is blessed / fortunate to have Mr. Ellison Greenslade as Commissioner of Police, a man of wisdom, impeccable integrity and character.

Whenever wisdom and integrity shows up in a world / system of corruption and confusion; it doesn’t take much for the corrupt and the confused to speak out against, and try to discredit / dishonor such wisdom and integrity. It’s no secret that just about everything that we hold dear to our hearts, here in the Bahamas has a great level of corruption and confusion strongly attached to it (ESPECIALLY our POLITICS and RELIGION).

All I’m saying is this!

Ranford Patterson tricked pastors in "NO" Vote campaign as he fronted for the FNM! Brought Christian Council to an all time low and is running a campaign with nasty division and character assassination.

Christian Council Members check yourselves; you’ll are sounding EXACTLY like the POLITICIANS, and you’re erroneously using “The Church & The Word of God / Bible” as leverage to carry out your agenda.

Again, there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with the church taking a stand against gambling and this referendum; but it can’t be where Church Leaders are at odds with one another, and Church Leaders condemning and calling folks CRIMINALS.  Might I remind the Bahamas Christian Council Members that Yahshua Messiah came to seek and saved those that are lost; not to condemn them?

Christian Council!
The very same manner in which you took to the air wave via press conference to lambast a distinguish Bahamian (The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ellison Greenslade) a man who has put his life on the line in FAITHFUL, LOYAL, DEDICATED service to his country; I pray that you’d be humble and bold enough to publicly apologize to Mr. Greenslade, his family, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Nation

Pastor Matthew K. Allen
Kingdom Minded Fellowship Center Int’l,