Physical distancing is being grossly violated as residents lined up to pay utilities at BPL…

BPL line outside BPL April 1st, 2020


I note the long lines at both the Road Traffic Department and the Bahamas Power and Light today. These long lines appear to be the result of the most recent amendments to the Emergency Orders inclusive of the decisions to open the Road Traffic Department and to resume power disconnection exercises.

As a consequence, the policies of “stay at home”, and physical distancing are being grossly violated, placing the health of hundreds of persons at risk.

The government is encouraged to review these matters and communicate a clear plan on how the public should engage government agencies when accessing and paying for public goods and services so as not to undermine the health objectives of the government’s imposed curfew and Emergency Powers Orders

I also note the government’s indifference to and violation of its physical distancing policy at the recent Commissioner of Police hand over ceremony. These actions have elicited sharp criticism from the general public and gives the impression that the social distancing policy does not apply to everyone. It is important that the government leads the way and sets the example in adhering to this policy.