Police found 13-year-old in home with 26-year-old male


Young teen, Labrea Ferguson, found hid away in a back room in Fox Hill.

Christie’s Saturation Patrols are already working

Nassau, Bahamas — Fox Hill Police Station today is reporting closure in a case of a missing teen. The young innocent was discovered just after saturation patrols in the area locked down a home in the historic community.

And from what we know it was there where police found the 13-year-old, who graduated from the Sadie Curtis Primary School in 2010.

The Eastern Division contacted police control room and reported that, acting on information provided by a stellar officer, a team of officers from the Fox Hill Station saturated themselves around a residence in Fox Hill where they cracked the case of the missing teen.

The home where the young girl was found is situated on the main road south of the round about.

Officers report that while at that residence they conducted a search and discovered young 13-year-old Labrea Ferguson hiding in a back room.

A male resident was taken into custody.


Police are investigating a shooting incident that has left a 38 year old man of Cowpen Road in hospital.

Initial police reports indicate that shortly before 2:00 am on Thursday 24th May, 2012 the victim was driving his vehicle through Burial Ground Corner when he was approached by a male and subsequently shot.

The victim drove himself to hospital where he is detained in stable condition. Police are investigating.


Police are requesting the public’s assistance in locating two (2) men responsible for two (2) separate armed robberies that occurred on Wednesday 23rd May, 2012.

The first incident reportedly occurred shortly before 4:00 pm at a business establishment on Boyd Road. According to police reports a male wearing dark jeans and a red hooded jacket entered the establishment allegedly armed with a handgun, demanding cash.

The culprit reportedly robbed the store of an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the area on foot in a northerly direction along Providence Avenue.


  1. this lil was HIDING key word HIDING, he sick he need the book throw at him but parents really need to monitor these lil gals man. parents need to let dese children be children they too fast nah days

  2. What has become of our Bahamas?
    The parents in this country need to be more aware of their children’s activities. I know you can not watch your child/ children every minute of the day…..but in a situation like this…some actions must have been shown and visible in the home. We as parents need to start questioning and monitring our children’s activities and their whereabouts when not supervised by known adults. This kind of behaviour if left unwatch will lead to horror in this country!

  3. Vonnie I want someone hold up your young 13 year old daughter up in one house and pretend she is a grown azz woman. I see why yall fellas getting put under the sword so much, yall too stupid to breathe the Father’s air. This is child rape.

    You are in support of child rape and molesting. Did someone bungie you as a child for you to believe this is rite and ok.

    They need to put a dam yard dog in charge of you to teach you sense and decency. I curse you to hell. You will be eating chit very soon. Amen, Hallelujah, the hormonger and child molester will be made waste.

  4. Good God, a 26 year old grown azz man grinding and holding hostage a 13 year old baby, and ppl trying to cast blame on the young baby. Lord, where am I living. What kind of culture this is.

    This what happens when a country has absolutely no sense of decency. Absolutely none. We just a bunch of mangy dogs in a big yard in heat grinding anything in site. This country is going to have to get destroyed and rebuild.

    I pray that the Father save a few of us who try to uphold some form of decency and send the rest straight to phukin hell.

    If this country had any kind of decency, that grown azz man would be put under the dam sword or cutlazz immediately. He should be at the throne of judgement rite now getting ready to get cast in the lake of fire for eternity.

    Lord send your angel to make barren this wicked slack land.

  5. At which point are these young girls going to be held accountable to an extent for their own actions? This child was not kidnapped from the reports I have heard, she was hiding which clearly means she was voluntarily there.

    • The term “statutory rape” is used in some legal jurisdictions to refer to sexual activities in which one person is below the age required to legally consent to the behavior, it can also be charged with sexual behaviors with two under-aged minors.

      Now you may say, “How do I know sexual activities were being conducted?” Well, I don’t. I do
      know this however; the girl was reported missing and he was subsequently found with her.

    • You know after reading this report and some other posts, I have drawn the conclusion that the adult as well as the “young innocent” is to blame. To start of with she was “hiding”. That means she knew her actions were wrong. And possibly she even knew the person she was staying with. Did she ever try to get away? I wonder. Further the reality is today these “young innocents” are not as innocent as we make them out to be. Yes this man should have known better as an adult I agree, but some of these “innocents” lie and even more so they are so experienced that some of the men that are weak yield to temptation. And really besides her age and school what do we really know about this child’s background? I think we should get all the facts before we cast judgment.
      Reality is this is not the only child that this has happened to and sadly this won’t be the last. What we need to do is educate our children more at home and stop allowing society and the educational system to do the work.

      • Yes, but that also emphasizes how misguided she is. She needs help and counselling in order to attempt to rescue her from herself. Dont lambast her for obviously something went wrong in her training; but, the man however is accountable and should be held to it. He aught to know better.

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