ROGUE Police Officer Stabbed and Two Civilians Shot at a Beach Party in the South

  Later this afternoon near sundown we can report a ROGUE off duty police officer, now under investigation of alleged corrupt nefarious activities; caught himself in an argument with some individuals.

Sources on the ground tell us, while at the event, the ROGUE officer was stabbed. Eyewitnesses allege, the off duty officer then drew a weapon and discharged several shots hitting two persons. Both victims taken to hospital were treated and discharged.

 The ROGUE officer fled the scene of the crime and from our contacts at PMH, never showed up at the hospital to nurse his injuries.

We understand police are on the hunt for the rogue officer, who is now wanted for questioning in this incident, along with others matter now under investigation by the Force.

BP is live in South Beach reporting.

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Nassau Bahamas – Bahamas Press is reporting tonight a stabbing, which resulted in two civilians being shot at a Party in the Southern Blue Hill and Marshall roads south area.


  1. I can’t Believe everything i read i think there is more to this than BP have information. i know alot of Police and they are hard working dedicated Officers everywhere you go is corruption in the beginning of human creation evil was present. look in your work place there is some trouble makers there who will do ungodly things, criminal acts or just mischeif. My question is this how do BP even know it was a Police hmmmm they blame so much on those Officers its actually sad I still support my Police Officers Guys keep doin wat you doin ok thats my five cents!

    • I agree there are bad apples in the RBPF. Now you tell me which organization don’t have some including the private sector, churches, governments! Why is it that the police have to be the scape goats all of the time. If the sun don’t rise tomorrow people will blame the police for it. Every police force in the world have “bad apples” however this is the special Bahamas so we must have a perfect police force WOW!!!!

  2. This is precisely why the Hon. Tommy Turnquest should have been made to resign…he has absolutley no control of the Force and yet our bigetty Prime Minister remains mum on these vexing issues…Sad day in the Bahamas indeed and it’s going to get sadder. Mr. Greeslade is like Barack Obama, damned if he do and damned if he don’t because he is being stifled by a Minister who can’t even put policies in place to assist him…Soooo distressing!

  3. Am hearing that there was a beach party and gunmen opened fire badly injuring several persons.The PMH might be in need of blood.Mr PM please threaten these thugs.

  4. People don’t have any tolerance now, they get frustrated very easily and they would take you out quickly. It’s a sad time in the Bahamas.

    • It saddens me to know that a office of the law was involve. who are we to look to when crimes are being committed by the law enforcers. He need to be brought before the courts and charged like everyone else.what is so sad is when we are looking for the criminals we bypass them and they cannot be found because they are right there amoung them. police needs to start looking from within before looking on the outside.

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