Police issue a release on Porgy Bay Shooting in Bimini


Scenes of a riot scene. File Photo.


Sometime around 10:30am, on Saturday 12th March, 2011, Police Officers on Bimini, acting on information, went to an apartment in Porgy Bay. Officers were looking for a male suspect wanted in connection with an Attempted Rape on Bimini, Armed Robbery in New Providence, Assault with a deadly weapon and a number of outstanding Warrants.

Once at the apartment, officers began to conduct a search of the unit. It is reported that on opening the door to the bath room, a male was seen with a firearm. Officers moved in to arrest the suspect. It was at this time that the suspect is said to have pointed his weapon on the officers. Officers engaged the suspect, who was fatally struck to the head. Officers were able to retrieve a .40 Glock Hand Gun with ammunition from the suspect.

There was an immediate reaction from some persons in the community. These individuals poured into the streets and became loud and boisterous. However, though rowdy, there was never a riot or any such indication. Leaders of the Bimini community, including church and civic, responded positively by calming the agitated family members and others.

A team of officers including detectives and HM Coroner are en route to Bimini.


  1. Look here this young man made his choice in life and it ended on a bad note. He was wanted for crimes (all up on the bank camera/ attempted rape). Someone was hiding him there in Bimini. Two of his uncles could have grabbed him and turned him over to the police, instead family hid him. Let them cry all they want,he hurt a lot of other people families. let this be a warning to the rest of the criminals; straighten-up, fly right or they aiming for ya head.

  2. It is sad the way the young man was shot we need to let it go so that the families of that young man could grive in piece.We all have a black sheep in our family,how would you feel if he was your brother?

  3. That picture is not in bimini!!! Not one building in Bimini you cant find have those windows!!did reseach!! Yall tryna make Bimini what its isnt!!!!!STOP IT!!!! yea its bimini but were still the BAHAMAS!!!!……We are to build a community not tear it down!! Stop lien and scandalizing People name for a dollar!!!…The spirit of JUDAS! is on you guys!!!Bad and serious thing!!

    • Exactly my point earlier. BP used a photo that was NOT in Bimini and DID NOT relate to the Bimini story. In the press, that is the same thing as lying.

      Yet BP refuses to explain their photo choice, refuses to apologize and accept responsibility, and refuses to correct their stupid mistake.

      Instead, they just type nonsense and try to insult their readers. They are like little children who don’t know how to behave around adults.

  4. would there be near riots if the police was killed,the police leave their family everyday to protect us. when they are killed there is never outrage.this is part of problem in our Bahamas. I feel it for the family of Mr Rolle.I also feel for the policeman knowing that he is dealing with fact that he shot a man ( who died). NOTE TO ALL WHO FEEL THAT THE POLICE KILLED HIM.he choose his life ,any innocent person would have turn himself in

  5. So who couldn’t see the ‘Scenes of a riot scene. File Photo.’ under the picture? Thank you BP for keeping me informed while away. At least someone putting out the news of the Bahamas.

  6. hey media….the comment remains valid…why put up a FILE PHOTO of a riot when there never was none nor any indication of one!
    Your FILE PHOTO was misleading.
    Just a poor choice of pix.

  7. Why include a photo of a riot scene with this article? Especially considering that the article clearly states “there was never a riot or ANY SUCH INDICATION”.

    This is sensationalistic “journalism” at its worst.

    True journalists are supposed to REPORT the news, not try to CREATE it with misleading photos and obnoxious, often illiterate ranting that is so common on this site.

    • And MISLEAD if you read under the photo correctly you would note the word “FILE PHOTO”.. READ BAHAMAS READ!


      • The question was WHY?

        Why put up a photo that represents something that DID NOT HAPPEN?

        If I wrote an article about BP and included a pile of feces with the article, would you not assume I was making a connection between the two???

        • You clearly don’t know the difference between file photo and something that has a caption without that. FINE!


          • You clearly don’t know that almost EVERY news outlet in the world uses “File Photos” to accompany their articles.

            The difference between BP and a REAL NEWS source is that a reputable news source uses a File Photo that APPLIES TO WHAT THE ARTICLE IS ABOUT, rather than using a scary/shocking photo to try to bait-in or mislead readers.

            Still asking WHY a riot photo was chosen?

            The fact that you won’t answer that question just shows how childish and unprofessional your site is.

          • We report YINNER DECIDE!
            We did our part now yinner do yours. That’s for you Still Mislead!


    • Mislead – you are completely correct regarding this writer’s “Journalistic” approach. The more I read these articles the more I am embarrassed by the level of reporting our own people had sunken to. You are completely right while the picture says “file photo” the fact that this one (Of all the pictures of Bimini that could have been chosen) shows not only poor judgement and journalistic etiquette, but it also proves that this is not in any sense validated reporting – simply publicized – fluffed up propaganda littered by the writer’s own personal opinion. And I really do LOVE how the writer usually responds in such a defensive manner.

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