Primary School in Eight Mile Rock Infested with Rodents


Students at the Bartlett Hill Primary School striving to do their best under rat infested condition at the school.

Jones Town, GB- – Rat, roaches and insects have infested a school in the Eight Mile Rock community of Grand Bahama, and according to sources, the facility may have to close.

Bahamas Press is in the Northern Bahamas at this hour making inspections and carrying out reviews on the state of the government facilities in that section of the country.

A report reaching our desk revealed the Bartlett Hill Primary School has been invaded with a host of insects and rodents, hampering the good order of learning at the school. We are told the facility’s invasion by rats in particular, has also resulted in several cases where children attending have fell ill. The incidents have forced the question as to whether the school is properly sanitized for public use.

One educator told BP, “The rats are so huge they can be mistaken for cats or puppies. They are a distraction while classes are in session; running around wildly holding marathon races while I am instructing students.

“The problem of rat dropping is another issue, come early morning and it is like a field of black litter. Rat droppings are everywhere and these conditions cannot be safe for students or teachers.”

A student told BP: Though unhealthy, children in grade one could count from one to 100 and backwards as counting the rats are a method of practice in mathematics. Teacher don’t have to have a chart to show us how to spell rat, cause in grade one that is all you get to see around here are rats: R* A * T!

We are told traps for the creatures have been place down, but some of the larger rodents have gained knowledge over those traps and have walked around them as if they have been schooled also.

In a report filed in the Bahama Journal back in 2007 Public Service Union President on the island, John Curtis had this to say about the Bartlett Hill Primary School:

The windows and doors were also in poor condition, which allowed rain and debris to flow into the school he said, adding that there also appeared to be mold and mildew in the ceiling in areas where rain entered the building over a period of time.

That is dangerous. That school is over 25 years old. It has outlived its lifespan and I was told that there has been no major renovations to that property other than the cosmetic painting from time to time. That is no way for us to be treating our little children – the future of tomorrow, Mr. Curtis said.

 I call on the government and the minister responsible for education and his director to tour that facility and see whether or not they would want their child or children to be in classes in that facility, he added.

Almost five years later and not a DAMN thing has been done for the children of that community.

The situation is getting terrible and now the rats are taking over at the school. We call on the Village Idiot to do her job and get the students in Eight Mile Rock a new school.


  1. @WOW & Looking
    I was being facetious. I was hoping to point out the ineffectiveness of this not outstanding MP and cause some of her constituents to tell us what they think of her representation.

  2. @Conflicted why take it so personal, if you think she is doing a good job then elections will tell. In my opinion that seat was stolen and given to her she is not deserving of that seat. Before election she never even speaked to people she always thought she was better than other people and looked down on poor people. If you think she is repesenting that community well in the house then you 2 is proven to be an *** because the MP in my opinion is a FAKE and is only looking for the money. She is selfish and bitter and acts as if she care about those people, when she get home in her house she sits with her husband and talk so bad about those people. She is WATLESS!!!!!

  3. What about self help here? We wait around too much for people to do things for us. Can’t someone get in touch with the Ministry of the Environment and fix this problem?

  4. @Conflicted: In your defense of the Minister you shifted the blame to Education & Environmental Health that opened my eyes cause if, A sitting member of the governing party for almost five years cannot, get her own party to honor her request for such an important issue, then God help those Ministers on the opposite side when they make a request.

  5. @BP
    To refer to the duly elected member of parliment for the area in such a manner is most foul. Please refrain. She has the support of her constituents and should be saluted for having been able to marshall that support which caused her to now be a sitting member of parliment. I’m sure given her great stewardship, whenever elections are called, she will again be elected to serve by the people she has represented so well. She is not a member of the cabinet but can only inform the relevant cabinet ministers of the needs of her constituents, which I’m sure she’s done. The blame lies with Education & Enviromental Health.

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