Rogue police officer told to resign or be fired from the RBPF

COP Anthony Ferguson

NASSAU| Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson has issued an ultimatum to police Cpl 3020 Taylor to resign from the RBPF or be fired.

The details coming out of barracks this morning confirm the same after the officer attempted to sell a suspect his own phone following his arrest.

Cpl 3020 Taylor, we understand, took possession of a suspect’s phone and ham and turkey coupons following an arrest, and then turned around and demanded $250.00 cash for the phone.

The suspect’s solicitors filed a complaint about the incident at the Police Complaints Unit, which took action and later discovered the seized cellphone tracked to the home of Cpl 3020 Taylor. How stupid and corrupt could someone be to be such a criminal in uniform?

Meanwhile Bahamas Press has learned that the incident involves a relative of a politician. Some suggest the officer was set up, however, no statement on the issue by police has come.

The COP has given Cpl 3020 Taylor the option to resign from the RBPF. We have yet to know if formal charges will be brought against the police officer gone rogue for his corrupt behavior.

We report yinner decide!