Roof caves in at PMH as all hell breaks loose last week!


Samaritan’s Purse packs up immediately and the Hospital Administrator removed for saying the Minnis Government has done nothing in health care since the pandemic began…

Patient who suffered from roof
Sonia Rose Bastian

NASSAU| All hell is breaking loose at the Princess Margaret Hospital and last week was strange. The Samaritan’s Purse tent hospital crew pulled out over the weekend, cutting short their six week stay in the country.

Out of the blue, Hospital Administrator Sonia Rose Bastian stepped down from her post and took a demotion to Deputy Hospital Administrator. The move comes after chaos erupted in the Administration office.

Bastian was outspoken on the Emergency Operations Committee because there was no real commitment to ensure that resources were made available for the ongoing pandemic.

Her last intervention was to note that the Minnis Government. That note had been saying the same thing since March since Covid hit the country, and there was still no action behind it from the government. A short time thereafter that last letter to the government Bastian was silenced and given the boot as Administrator. 

From Sandilands, Ms Mary Walker, who was given the boot last year, has returned to the position after making a mess in Sandilands. EIGHT MONTHS LATER WHAT HAS CHANGED?

And if you thought that was enough, imagine what is happening at the hospital Sunday evening. The roof at the facility caved in on a man seeking medical attention. With all the rain over the weekend the roof failed and injured the patient. 

From the way this is looking its every man for himself and God for us all!

We report yinner decide!