Say No to Drugs…Hubert Ingraham general axed in near fatal attack by son


Ron Darville is father axed by his son early Thursday morning after the son smoked a dangerous dose of purple haze and went out of his head.

Nassau, Bahamas – It makes plenty sense now to investigate and make sure your son or daughter is not taking drugs because if they are, you could be living with the devil!

A horrific, bloody almost Nellie Brown-Cox type scene, took place around 5am yesterday at a family residence in Dampier Drive on Grand Bahama, where a man almost murdered his father, brother and nearby neighbours after taking a dangerous dose of drugs.

Sources tell us the son of Ron Darville, Michael Darville, erupted into a demoniac early Thursday morning after smoking an extremely high grade of purple haze [weed]. The young man then flipped in the head and began chopping like a pig the political henchman and general of the Prime Minister.

Sources tell us Michael chopped his father into an unconscious state and then turned the machete on his brother Joseph before fleeing the home in a rage and attacked three neighbours nearby.

He then fled the scene of the incident after leaving five persons seriously wounded with the sharp cutlass.

Police on Grand Bahama were rush to the scene of the crimes and later perused the suspect who fled on foot. They later caught up with Michael, and as he charged on officers, he was gunned down in his tracks.

Blood was splatter all across a Grand Bahama community after the son of a government official went on a chopping spree. Photo from the

Residents have confirmed to BP the drugs smoked by the young man was allegedly purchased at a home not far in the area, which some believe is mixing its own batch of weed to set younger Grand Bahamians crazy.

Ron Darville is the Deputy Director of BAIC and is a major campaign general for the FNM.

Another family axed and the dope-head shot dead by police. Here is another reason why young people must ‘say no to drugs’. What a sad ending.


  1. Insensitive, I can see clearly you are an imbecile. You and Revette need prayers for your collective foolishness. The only mental problem this lazy azz boy had was from headaches caused by thinking too hard about how long and how strong he should roll his ‘bluff’ today.

    Yall could make excuses for people boy. I want yall two on my side when I get pizzie drunk and drug-out and rite-off the bust of Sir Milo on Bay St. If I were to pay you two any mind, I would think that this boy just got home from church praising the Lord and giving out tracks, and alllll of a sudden he was overcome with rage caused by his ‘mental’ conditions which resulted in the event.

    Why cant you two face the facts that the boy smoke too much dam ganja, and somebody got tired of his chit and laced his backside sending him loony-tunes and into a homicidal rage. And further, that his ole man was complicit in his druggie-wash-out state.

    I concur with Kim Sands when she suspected that his dope-smokin friends saw he was slippin into a crazy state and irresponsibly and jokingly dropped him off to his home.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you and Revette believe in the dam easter bunny and frostie the snowman. Stop making excuses for homicidal crack-heads and negligent parents.

  2. I use to think that Bahamas Press was a reputable source of obtaining information, but this morning im disgusted by the ludacris heinous comments about my family members when you know nothing!!!!!! Its clear that we can never go on what the… media broadcast!!!!!!!!! Before you air such bullcrap you need to do your research and confirm facts not fiction. All of the families involve are going through enough, does this make any sense to print such rubbish to down or tarnish any familes reputation!!!! Unless you were there, anything that is said is hear say!!! Your ingnorance is evident and your companies morality to broadcast such undignifined accusations is totaly dishonoring!

    • And we use to believe REVETTE the FNM and DNA could be trusted by Bahamians. We discovered they are the same. WE REPORT YOU READ, YINNER DECIDE!

      Bahamas Press

    • Keep reading Revette, KEEP READING! We know you are PAID to say that three times a day. KEEP READING!


  3. agreed clearly an example of bahamian parent negligence, the child obviously has some disorder that was never treated autism spectrum, depression, something of the like with symptoms of fits of rage. As much weed is smoked in the Bahamas and Jah only know’s how much those boys in freeport been selling (you know the boys who grow the chit by the well fields every year but only get busted every 4th year???) there would be a helluva lot more rage sprees then just 1 that I can remember in 41 years. Clear ignorance in these comments and Bahamas Christian Council BS….. BCC BS

  4. Oh Jessica, such is the cry of someone who loves and relishes in excusing and condoning bullchit.

    Based on the reported story this grown-azzz man of 26 was living high off the hog in his ole man house, not having to work for his coin, eating free, drinking free, chiting free etc etc. This grown-boy had sufficient freedom and irresponsibility to be smoking dope all live-long day without a care in the world.

    Basically, his ole man was facilitating and excusing this mess. You mite look at the whole scenario and say, ‘oh he was a good daddy who loved his son’, but as is plain to see, he basically encouraged this young boy to be a lazy-dopesmokin-bum rite under his roof. Sadly, the hog that he grew from pig, bit him square in his backside.

    This is a common theme with Bahamian parents. You attacking me and Kim doesn’t excuse the fact that this man was complicit in bringing this bullchit on his family and his neighbours.

    I hope you have sufficient common-sense not to follow in this fella’s footsteps and grow up your kids rite, otherwise I will be reading a not-so-nice story about you in the future.

  5. Its sad to see how ignorant our bahamian people can really be. You dont know anything about what was going on with that young man and his family, for you to even say that his father deserved it and that he allowed his child to become that way. His family really tried with him. You werent there the many times the police were called and im sure you werent there when his father personally turned him into police custody for his mental outbursts.

  6. Its sad to see how ignorant our bahamian people can really be. You dont know anything about what was going on with that young man and his family, for you to even say that his father deserved it and that he allowed his child to become that way. His family really tried with him. You werent there the many times the police were called and im sure you werent there when his father personally turned him into police custody for his mental outbursts.

  7. This is very sad and unfortunate what happened to this family and their neigbours. May God be with them and may each of them experience a full recovery. This is one of the reasons I am always digging up in my nephew things and having these discussion about the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs with him. He can’t say I never told him, even though he’s always complaining about not having his privacy or about me not trusting him and telling me, I sound like a tape recorder. Well, I always tell him, this my house and I need to know what’s going on in in every angle of it, that’s including inside and outside, you will get all the privacy you need when you move into your own house or apartment. I don’t care if I sound like a tape recorder, I just want make sure he understand how I feel about drug and alcohol abuse and I don’t want nobody brings that crap around me. I don’t have any children of my own to be causing me stress, I took on the responsibility of being a mother to him after my sister died and his father living carefree in the states, now and then he would send a few items and a couple of dollars for him or sometimes he goes and spend time with him in the states, other than that I am the only mother and father he knows. After all the hard work I put into him, he knows better than to come around me with his head all mixed up. I am telling you now, I will be one doing the d*mn chapping. That’s why you see some people don’t want anybody around them and I don’t blame them, you trying to live decent and these people going and getting mixed up with crap and things they don’t understand, then want come around you doing shid.

  8. This what happens when you entertain a lazy *** child and refuse to let him fend for himself and become a responsible man.

    We have too many idle Bahamian parents who likes to house these wutless, and I mean wutless young boys until they grown with mustache and beard, refusing to encourage them to start their own lives.

    Rite now this boy was ‘shakin’ up in his par house for years, smoking, drinking, chiting, sexin, farting, free tv, free pool, free weed etc etc etc. Then FINALLY, the ole man try put his foot down. Oh, but its toooo late, that small pig grow up to be a big fat lazzzy azz hog, and not just that, a dog-smokin-lazyazz-hog.

    What happened to the ole man was just reward. Nope, Im not being cruel. If I were to stupidly put a case of fire-crackers under my bed knowing the danger, and one day while smoking my cigarette, the flame accidentally ignite the box and send my *** to glory, I wonder who is to blame. Is it the fire-cracker seller, the bed-maker, the store what sell me the cigarette, hmmm. Nope, the jackazz staring me rite in the mirror. So this ole fella reap what he sow.

    Sadly he reaped a bounteous harvest, cus that crack-head son of his try take-out the whole dam neighborhood.

    • Trashy it want sound cruel what you are saying, but it’s the truth. Some of these parents is love these children too much to their own detriment. His father should of stop babying up this grown azz man and put his azz out the house longtime and make him look for work. He had too much idle time on his hands, that’s why he time to get himself into mischief. Sitting on his azz all day smoking weed like he don’t have a care in the world, he must be gone ask them for something stronger and couldn’t handle it and come right back home doing shid. Why he didn’t chap the people who give it to him? Two to one he been right there getting high around them and the minute they see him starting to trip out they dropped his azz home to his family and speed off or they clear out from the scene. Where he get cutlass from? They might have even give him that cutlass so he could chap up his family for jokes, I don’t know, but I don’t trust people.

  9. “…the drugs smoked by the young man was allegedly purchased at a home not far in the area..”
    Hmm… Let’s see where this will lead now.. Wholesale arrests and convictions o the suppliers must follow!

  10. Please don’t be so cruel, clearly this was a person who has a mental problem and need help psychologically. Don’t use this family like that for politics you should know better than that. Learn about those mentioned ailments and do research before you make yourself sound like idiots in the field. Thank you.

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