Scores more of Atlantis Workers Axed for Stealing? Prostitution take over resort!


Hotel Workers Union Members outside Atlantis - FILE PHOTO

Paradise Island, Bahamas — Officials at Atlantis Resorts on Paradise Islands have landed at the resort some 150 private investigators to weed out the unsavory characters in the company’s employee mix.

Bahamas Press has learnt the first axing exercise at the resort happened last week Friday when the hotel fired a reported 50 workers for their behaviour in thievery.

An example of the money hemorrhage at the resort could be found in the casino bars, where endless rounds of drinks were served to guests who paid under the table.

A source in the upper floors of the hotel tells us, “We at all cost intend to stop the huge lost of money that is being vacuumed out of our tourism model. Everyday we are losing money through persons employed with the property. We intend to weed out this “ACT OF THIEVERY” now crippling the product.”

No word of the axing has come from Hotel Union officials who were in negotiations with the property earlier this year begging resort officials to not downsize workers due to the slowdown in vacationing guests.

Two months ago a sting operation at the resort cracked down on taxi drivers at the door of the mega resort. Investigators discovered cab drivers were peddling drugs to guests. Some 10 taxi drivers were charged as a result of those investigations.

Despite all this, no words from a resort official have come to place a crackdown on the massive Jamaican and American prostitution rings that are stationed throughout the family-centered resort.

Last week a high heel blonde with a Jamaican accent followed a man vacationing with his family from the poker table all the way to his room. It is was reported that the prostitute banged repeatedly on his door with wife inside yelling, “I’ll give you piece for half the price!”

Something needs to be urgently done about the mass prostitution rings now camping out on the grounds of the Atlantis property.


  1. BP. the tense of the verb “learn” – LEARNT- is incorrect as used in your article. It should have been “learned”. Although Donna was wrong in saying the word did not exist, she was right to point out your mistake. Surely you are big enough to take criticism.

  2. bahamas press this is why i love to come an read what yall write…yall take these people harsh words against yall and spit it back at them….i love it…PLP all da way

  3. Wow, wow and wow….Donnaaaaaaaa! Girl please check urself before you carry on with such ‘tude’ and STILL wrong! deg!

  4. As a former worker over there, that has been going on for a long time. Persons are always trying to beat the system. There is no one to stop them otherwise. The higher ups don’t check and the workers trying to line their pockets because they feel cheated with the salaries they are being paid. All that glitters ain’t gold! No excuse though!!

  5. We stayed at the Atlantis for a week in June. The number of hookers out numbered guests in the clubs and bars. It is a shame that they canned the bar tenders, how else can you afford to drink at Atlantis…

    Anyway, I will be returning next year for my trip to bang hookers. Thanks Sol 🙂

  6. Ok for the people who write for this paper—–there is NO SUCH WORD AS LEARNT!!!!! OMG what english….its Learned……….

    • Now Donna we hope you are not a teacher. Please open your book and LEARN from BP….

      WORD: learn
         /lɜrn/ Show Spelled [lurn] Show IPA verb, learned  /lɜrnd/ Show Spelled[lurnd] Show IPA or learnt, learn·ing.
      –verb (used with object)
      to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience: to learn french; to learn to ski.
      to become informed of or acquainted with; ascertain: to learn the truth.
      to memorize: He learned the poem so he could recite it at the dinner.

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