Senator Gibson Responds to Ingraham Remarks

Sen. Hon. Allyson Maynard Gibson.

Assuming that the Prime Minister was not involved, I looked forward with great anticipation to hearing the Prime Minister’s announcement that he had launched an investigation into the very serious allegations of possible misconduct, conflict of interest, illegality and unethical behavior that I made in the Senate last week, in relation to the matter of Bell Island.  

 Unfortunately, but in accordance with his characteristic behavior, and contrary to the FNM’s Manifesto and his public utterances, he continues to condone possible conflict of interest and unethical, irregular and illegal behavior. As usual, he tries to distract the public from the issues by attacking the messenger.

My further investigations have reconfirmed the payment of $1 Million to the Bahamas National Trust by the developer at Bell Island. My further investigations have also confirmed that the developer got his approvals after the payment of the $1 Million. Alarmingly, and possibly illegally, they also point to the land in the Exuma National Land and Sea Park and Bell Island being sub leased to the Developer.

 I now know why the Prime Minister attacked me. It appears that, in breach of trust owed to the Bahamian people, his Ministry may have been involved or is involved in the approval of that sub lease. It also appears other Ministries may have been involved in this breach of trust owed to the Bahamian people. For example, how did a helipad get approved to be located in the middle of a legally established wild bird reserve? It IS a matter of trust. 

The Exuma National Land and Sea Park was leased to the Bahamas National Trust, among other things, to be protected forever for future generations of Bahamians. It is what is known as a “no take zone” – take only photographs and leave only footprints. Bahamians who fish in the Exuma National Land and Sea Park for food to feed their families have been warned of possible prosecution. Bell Island is in the Exuma National Land and Sea Park. The Wild Birds Protection Act legally establishes Bell Island is a protected reserve for wild birds. Offences may have been committed under Wild Birds Protection Act. 

I have not been accused of anything illegal or unethical. The attack is a smoke screen to distract from the issues of possible illegality, impropriety and conflict of interest in the Ingraham government.  I shall continue my investigations and I shall report my findings to the public. Bahamians are concerned about the Bell Island deal. It does not pass the smell test. It stinks.


  1. Look, BP’s report was trying to suggest that the PM was accusing Maynard-Gibson of something illegal! My point is that the PM never suggested anything illegal! All businesses in this country, including law firms, have every right to conduct business relationships/transactions with whomever they please, once it’s legal!

  2. Curious.You will never hear Ingraham talk about how much Higgs & Johnson is making over its many benefits from having its “inactive”partner as Attorney General. You will also never hear him discuss Brent’s numerous conflicts which have caused him to resign in the past as Chair of the Airport Authority,or as attorney General. Yet a young Bahamian woman secures a substantial client with the commensurate fee and he is hollering!! Ingraham should return to Abaco where the natural order of things is to his liking and the “right people” have money and the usual people do not. What an “Uncle Tom!!! Let him jump on the Aga Khan’s ‘copter so that he can feel that he has arrived.

  3. The Chinese are paying for the best legal representation available and Allyson Maynard-Gibson is providing just that in her capacity as an attorney. She is not representing their interest in the senate but that of her party, she is a PLP senator. By your reasoning one should only sell goods or services to friends and family members. NO?

  4. At no point did the PM suggest Senator Gibson did anything illegal! He was simply suggesting that while the PLP is highlighting its non support of the use of Chinese companies to complete infrastructure work, one of its very own Senators is acting on behalf of the Chinese. How could the PLP, being stedfast against the Chinese, be so willing to receive money for legal services it provides to the same Chinese?

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