Senior Government MP hooked on young ting


Senior Government MP headed for the doghouse

Nassau, Bahamas — A senior FNM politician could be thrown out of his own home, given to him by his father, when his wife learns he is ‘sweet-heartin’ a young girl.

The youth, who recently graduated from high school, has a job at a beauty salon in the Palmdale area. The young girl, who recently turned 21, is a baby to the politician, who has children older than she.

To show how much he is in love with the hairstylist, the senior MP recently showed up at the salon to pick up his young ting for lunch.

The young girl is said to be soaking up all the attention these days, where it appears, the senior MP is now giving her more attention than his wife.

A few weeks ago the senior politician could not find help from one constituent at his annual Christmas Party, as residents are angered by his playboy actions.

The wife of the senior politician is an educator, who is a senior woman at a school in Eastern New Providence.

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