Shanty shack or DNA constituency office – What is this?


The waterboys of the DNA sat on the sidelines as thousand of workers marched with PLP who have put Bahamian workers FIRST!

Scores of newly minted Bahamians could be planted to vote for the first time in Long Island…

Nassau, Bahamas — Members of the Democratic National Alliance will get the chance to take out the shantytowns of New Providence on day one following the General Elections.

The breakdown we can report will begin with two of its candidates’ offices right here on New Providence.

Bahamas Press
could not believe the kind of locations now opened up as DNA centres to entertain voters. One of the facilities came right out of a clip of former Mackey Yard. The shack looks as if drop cords are powering it and, at first sight, it appears as if it has no running water.

Loretta Butler-Turner

Upon closer inspection, the DNA office situated on Market Street looks like an outhouse painted with green colours. An outright outside terlet, if ya ask us!

Members of the DNA should be careful when spitting in the wind because it can clearly come back in ya face. Residents in the area of the shanty office tell BP, “This constituency office don’t even look Bahamian. Look here, even the foreigners afraid to walk inside. Some believe it is a place where people go to read palms.”

Another shanty DNA shack will soon open in the south. That constituency office looks as if someone stole a NEMA trailer home and painted it white and green.

All we could say is, come election day, all they ga have to do is hook that in the back of a truck and wheel it out.

Meanwhile, residents of Long Island are concerned as it is possible that a number of illegals from Montagu could end up on the ballots of Long Island.

The Ingraham Cabinet has regularized thousands of foreign national as Bahamians. Loretta Butler Turner sat in the Cabinet along with Larry Cartwright and sold out Long Islanders. Thousand of residents are concerned that some of the over 10,000 illegal immigrants approved by Larry and Loretta in this last term of the FNM, could flock to the community and vote FNM.

Butler is having a hard time to convince residents why her government regularized thousands upon thousands of illegals, some of whom were only in the Bahamas for six years.

The current FNM Cabinet Minister and candidate for Long Island a few days ago was seen in the South New providence campaigning against her brother Craig Butler in Bamboo Town.

One Montaqu resident who hails from Long Island said, “If she could do that to her brother, Long Island is a joke. She would be heartless against us! Illegals voting FNM IN LONG ISLAND? Well monkey foot!”

We report yinner decide.


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