Six Hundred Workers to go at LIME BAHAMAS [BTC] by the end of December


The face of a Bahamian who need not apply. Kirk Griffin's last day at LIME BAHAMAS IS FRIDAY!

Nassau, Bahamas — Earth shattering news emanating from the executive offices of LIME BAHAMAS [BTC] tell us, some six hundred employees are set to lose their jobs at the telephone giant by the end of December.

Bahamas Press can report, approvals to dismiss the workers have been approved by the Cabinet of the Bahamas, and in short order packages will be issued to employees. The rightsizing exercise will be the first exercise carried out by LIME as the Corporation prepares itself for competition.

Sources in the executive suite tell us, major convulsions are already being felt at the Corporation.

We can confirm as of this Friday [4/15/2011] former ACTING President, Kirk Griffin, will spend his last day on the job. Griffin lead the company through privatization and his reward were the words by the new owners, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” And that’s that! Griffin, the Acting President turned adviser for a week is the first to face the guillotine.

Bahamas Press can also confirm in a meeting with the executives, LIME Bahamas first department shipped to Jamaica is its International Carrier Payment Centre. The move will result in the immediate slashing of Bahamian jobs by the end of May 2011 [NEXT MONTH]. ALL LOCAL STAFF IN THAT DEPARTMENT WILL BE SENT HOME TO SELL PHONECARDS!

Upon hearing the news of the department shutdown, we are told a male employee was admitted to hospital after falling sick upon hearing the news. We were also advised that that employee is already facing hardship as his wife had lost her job earlier in the year, and the couple’s children are in studies abroad. TOUGH LOVE FROM PAPA!

Meanwhile, LIME BAHAMAS revealed its “INTEGRATED TEAM”; that’s what the Nassau Guardian wrote on Tuesday morning. What they didn’t tell you was that that team of nine women and men are indeed the “NEW Management Team”, which is set to replace all department heads at the Corporation. We are told from executives inside, “They hired the FOREIGNERS while the Bahamians are being thrown out in the cold.” TOUGH LOVE FROM PAPA!

In a meeting with executives, union leaders and staff this week LIME BAHAMAS executives had nothing to say. They answered no question, they told the press nothing. They even resisted giving ZNS an interview this week. SAD ISN’T IT?

Hubert Ingraham, the FNM and the TORCH [The Tribune] SOLD BTC BACK TO THE BRITISH and soldout THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE for pennies!





  1. Fair enough Media. I can assure you I have no particular political affiliation….but it would be good to see facts and evidence reported and not speculation and misinformation…on all sides.

    • We will be responding to the TORCH IN A FEW MINUTES. Those are the facts you refuse to accept.
      The next time you see Mr. Griffin, ask him, How is BTC and watch his response.


  2. so media, it seems that you selectively choose what comments you “approve” – as long as they don’t question your sources and they tow the party line they are ok? This is a faceless, nameless site spreading misinformation, and censoring any comments that question your reports, and does not deserve to be called a news site.

    • Stameko, we had to come to censoring comments because some WICKED mischievous persons were bold enough to come on here and impostor MEDIA. Some also used the name of others in the most unchristian manner to spin commentary. WE therefore had to exercise our editorial powers. Bahamas Press still allowed FREE, FAIR and OPEN COMMENTARY!

      Now that said, have you ever tried getting a letter in the TOILET PAPER better known as the TORCH? Try it and put your name “STAMEKO” on it and let me see if it will ever make news.


  3. You are so ignorant, blaming the workers for pricing as if they could do anything about it. They and their families had to pay those same high rates you ignorant pretender. It made money because it was a monopoly and for no other reason. I agree with another writer that we should withhold moneys and let it go to the dogs then lets see what shares all you all clamming up to buy. You wont get no profits of my hard work if I have anything to say about it! Not all BTC workers are lazy you nutcase!

  4. Ya know why I dont feel sorry for yall BTC workers, cus yall had time to protest and shut the country down, there were lots of people supporting you all But what did you all do:
    1. You let others fight for you instead
    2. You waited for a word of strike from youll sell out union leader
    3. You all did not take the lead to show papa youll serious.
    4. You listen to autlen bodie talking bout wait till election to vote them out.
    When BTC was sold my heart died, I cried and I like many others are still mourning.
    We have to stop waiting for election time and stand up for our rights now. And I do agree there are many many great workers at BTC. But it is sad to see that your jobs are being advertised all over the caribbean NOW AS I WRITE. If you dont believe me, BP DO YA JOB!! BRING THESE FACTS AS I know it, to the people. There is not going to be downsizing there is going to be replacing with foreign workers. Just like the foreign consultants in the many gov. departments like the min of finance.Check it out

    Yeah, but we want to wait every five years for our voices to be heard. And we wonder why they laugh at us.

    • We do not want to invest in ourselves!! So why when we find someone to invest we have a problem? When they were looking for persons to purchast BTC why didn’t some of ya’ll fat cats and persons working at Batelco come together and say ok we’ve collected X amount of money we could buy Batelco??? No we didn’t want the take the risk so stop complaining when you had the opportunity to sit down and really think about what could we do to save our jobs i’m sure that came up BUT LIKE I SAID NOBODY WANT TO TAKE THE RISK SOOOOOOO!!

  5. U know not everyone at BTC was hired as a favor and not all of us are lazy as some of u insinuate. The BtC team is a group of highly qualified individuals doing the best with what they have. Believe me when I tell u you don’t know the real story. If the BTC team was so bad, why everyone someone or organization wanted something they always looked to good corporate citizen BTC. We r human beings, I am sick and tired of folks speaking about us otherwise. Smt…

  6. Look…we gave this so called PAPA the power to governed as he felt fit. So shut-up! Hope need time you would open your eyes; but on your thinking cap and vote otherwise!

  7. With 100% Bahamian ownership of BTC (a company making money profits with Bahamians employeed with good salaries)I believe there could have been a much better deal worked out that would have been more in favour of Bahamians especially when there is such financial crisis worldwide. What ever C&W is doing BTC could do better and keep its profits and layoff less people. All BTC needed was for the Government to step back and let BTC perform without Political Interference. So now 51% (majority shares) was sold for half the price and loss of jobs – that is just wrong. Then we’ll increase the social problems and we really don’t need that. This is certainly no time to give away what we have. Lets solve our own problems. C&W couldn’t hold on to what they had when Digicel came into the market what makes us think they know what to do now. What will be left for Bahamians..@Bahamian Foreigner…I guess we need to find another place to live. The Big winner is C&W they come in to the BTC Company (land of milk and honey) and roll out products that BTC workers have already put in place and take more that half the profits and smile all the way to the foreign bank.

    • BTC was 100% Bahamian owned and OPERATED! The Profits went to the STATE to benefit the Bahamian people! Hubert Ingraham SOLD BTC BACK TO THE BRITISH! And now Bahamians are being fired! IT IS A BAD DEAL! Bad for the Bahamas and BAD FOR BAHAMIANS!


  8. The BTC workers were cowardly and did not stand up for themselves. If they were united and firm, they could have forced the government to go to the people before the transaction took place. Instead they let Bully-Boy Ingraham scare them, and let Eileen Carron of th Tribune call them “monkeys”. By-the-way that BCPOU president aint worth three pinches of puppy ****!!!

    • You need to watch you tongue Hound from Hell. Do you even know Mr. Evans? He has brought a new and much needed degree of class the unionism. He refused to pull his workers out just to destroy the stations but to pull them out to fight for cause. Do you even know what that means? I agree that the cut-throat workers who voted for him to take the actions he did then decided to hide on the job and not march because they allowed themselves to be intimidated by Mr. Ingraham. Very sad for them because Mr Ingraham respects no one – he is now basking in his “absolute power” status forgetting that it corrupts absolutely. You Mr. Hound have no concept of decency, otherwise you would not try to attack Mr. Evans like that. He is a man who researched and brought everything about C&W to the forefront so the various talkshows can steal his thunder – but that is just the luck of the draw. Until you get to know a man don’t try to walk in his shoes.

      • @Angry and fed up
        I feel let down by the heads of the two BTC Unions as they were not militant enough in getting their message through.When the forced layoffs start no one will assist the BTC Union as they refused to standup when others went to Bay St on their behalf.The two heads of the BTC Unions is showing failed leadership and I hope they get their severance packages from LIME.Hound from hell is only expressing what many think and Evans appears unwilling to sever his ties with members of the Govt.Brother Evans just cannot serve two masters.

        • I’m a part of the union and I have never had any faith in its leadership since Farque was voted out. Evans is weak, and a waste of our time! I felt truly disappointed in my coworkers when the majority of them voted him in as the new president. They made their bed, and now they have to lie in it!

          Also wanna note, privatisation was in talks from 1997. When the FNM came back into power in 2007 all of us at BTC should have really started preparing for the sale. I’m ready to move on, and pray the best for all my coworkers. Now is not the time to sit and weep, brothers and sisters, but to put your trust in God.

      • i agree if the staff had shut the company down which they still can do would have change the game. that would have been the best option, remember ing rum dont play fair. so u have to fight fire with nuclear in this case.

  9. @ Real One

    Come down out of the clouds and tell US how much these BTC employees will payout to gain access to the technical equipment, additional technical expertises, physical locations and “pipeline” of consumers, after being promptly laid-off? Additionally, do you remember the 3 YEARS EXCLUSIVITY “DEAL” over cellular services given to LIME (or perhaps you are of the view that they should just wait that time out … correct)? So, exactly what are they to do in the telecommunications business over the next 3 years (sell land lines)? Why don’t you direct them to a potential employer NOW (appreciating the fact that their specialty is telecommunication services, etc., and the only game in town just released them). Conservative estimates quotes the number of unemployed people in this country around 40,000.

    p.s. Paradisefound – I rteduced the “screaming”.

  10. as i look at this — 600 ppl being let go…is it really 50% of BTC…that cant b becuz surely to let go half would mean only 600 ppl left to run BTC thru out the islands…cant b 600 to go tho 30% yeah but half nah would cripple the company not enhance things.

  11. Good For Kirk Griffin And Crew!!! They Sat Back And Let Hubert Dem Call Them Obsolete….They Never Challenge The FNM For Saying So!!! What Do You Do With A Part That Isn’t Working CHANGE It!!! I Am Not Feeling Sorry For No One In Management Who Are Being Replaced….Because Their Silence When The Government Was Whipping Saying They Worthless Confirmed. Roll Out Kirk Griffin Joker Number #1 Foreign Is Better For This Government!!!

  12. i aint sorry for us we too licky licky and cant learn who put them there the Bahamian people so now they see who the man all about cook papa cook sell them papa we sell yourself out we give him the tool to sell us out so dont cry take your licking and keep ticking

  13. LIME is here, praise GOD! we gon soon get cheap minutes n 3G n 4G n iphone n crackberry. cut da fat and give ta da people.

  14. This is how corporate works. Its just business. When one company take over, they bring in there one management team which reflects that companies goals and values. The educated folks can relate. The leaving employee will be compansated well. If these 600 who are laid off were such good workers and had some business sense, they could invest some of their severence package pay into a new company and become the compitition for LIME. Peole need to realized that nothing remains the same forever. CHANGE IS GOOD!

    • Real One, am sure none of those workers are closely related to you; if they were you would be singing another tune. Do you really think that its alright to sell BTC for less than what its worth and then you dismiss half the workforce and bring in foreigners to replace them? What about these persons financial commitments; like mortgages and children away in schools etc? Do you care anything for them? I have decided that you are just another Ingraham FNM supporter who will justify anything he does even if he kicks you in your worthless behind all day for a week without let up. You are just sold out and have resigned yourself to accept whatever Ingraham does as good and right.

  15. I live on a family island and i had BTC CEASE my house telephone and internet accounts as of 7,April,2011.I urge Bahamians to REDUCE THEIR CASH FLOW TO BTC.Lets show PAPA THAT HE HAD HIS WAY WITH THE SALE OF BTC BUT WE THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE WILL SAVE OUR MONIES.FOR WE REFUSE TO GIVE IT TO C&W!!!

  16. Good. About time. The waste and slackness is coming to a fast end. Bahamaians we did this to ourselves by accepting bad attitudes and slack work ethics. Now the bloated Mother we call BTC is being brought into proper size…so my fellow citizens learn from this: we are in the 21st century. We are in difficult times – no room for being slack and eating chicken at our desks: BEC is next?? government ministries?? now though let me say if I dont see improved technical services and if prices dont fall for telephony services I’ll be pissed for true.

    • so d rolle look like you crazy to, you think this cutback is necessary i doubt all of them are no good workers, this just gonna cause more problems letting go all them, plenty of you ppl seem to b dumb if you think it is good for them ppl being let go, i aint ga lie none of my family work to btc but i ready to slap ingraham for doing this to the bahamian ppl as much crime and thing goin on he sell btc now niggas them letting go 600 ppl, it is ppl like you d rolle and h ingraham who dont care for your bahamian ppl so more slaps for yall

    • You sound like such a stupid individual. BEC is next? I hope you are one of those folks who pay your bill. We are need to see a bigger picture and stop agreeing with Mr. Ingraham simply because of our politics. I hope he feeds your nogood backside when you loose your job because as you can see he does not care about anyone’s job.

  17. BP, this is worse than i thought. Correct me if i am wrong, but wasnt it first talked about Lime offering packages to 300-350 employees which is about 30% of BTC 1,200 workers? Now they are letting go half of the entire BTC staff?

    How could Papa let this happen? We all knew some would be let go, but not 50% of BTC employees. What happen to the government’s veto power?

    I am soooo depressed right now.

    National strike coming!

    • National strike? You mean general elections ech? BTC workers don’t join no protest nor does any of the affiliates.


  18. BP, the news of Bahamians losing their jobs is never a good thing. I feel for those employees and their families. However, I am a Bahamian who lives and works in the States. Over the past few years just like alot of people, I have been layed off from one job, and have had to find other work. I have had to compete with people from China, India, America and all over to get a job (and I have successfully done so). The fact of the matter is in these tough economic times, in order to stay competitve, most companies have no choice but to operate more efficiently with a streamlined operational staff. The culture that existed at BTC and in other segments of the Bahamian economy of ‘being hired for favors’, was bound to come to an end. In a few years in the face of competition and a fastly developing telecommunications world, I’m sure BTC’s value would have drastically decreased. So as hard as the Government’s decision was, it was almost one in which they had no choice.

    If the Bahamas is to grow as a nation and compete on a global level, decisions such as these will have to be made. Governments all over the world are reexamining their way of doing business, and making such decisions (watch CNN anyday and see how much turmoil is in countries all over the world because of the economic policies being implemented). Hopefully the employees will get good severance packages, and be able to assimilate into Bahamian society. But in the long run, I think the resulting BTC will be more efficient, with cheaper rates, and a highly qualified, streamlined staff..

    • listen people if you go and open a company in any other country and their is NO competition and their rate is one thing why would you lower your rates if the people already use to paying that one rate they’re not going to drop their rates only if they get competition they would be just like freeport power no compo they always going up.


    • Have you consider how the public was not told by the Government that there was a 3% finder’s fee? We were not told how Sharon Brown was chief negotiator. No one told us how the government allowed Marsha Lewis to work at URCA? NO ONE REPORTED THAT! BP DID! We report yinner decide!


      • they maybe over staff by 800 anyway 200 people working in the mall alone. I don’t know but yall but BTC aint my Birthright i pay for services never gotten anything free. Expensive price for not so great service. I don’t like how it went down but Bahamians ain getting nothing from it keeping it. I know it makes a ton of money but from who us. Now when they sell them shares and I buy some then we can talk about benefits. So yall get the same take on BEC “Birthright” hell no don’t pay ya bill and see what happen Black out.

        • We were getting revenue from BTC to finance other areas of the society, idiot. How do you think we find the money to pay teacher and police salaries, and upkeep the medical infrastructure(such as it is). Did you think it ALL came from duties, banking and real property taxes?
          Where did you imagine BTC profits went?
          Your sophomoric pipe dream about buying shares won’t happen in reality for 3 years, and may even be extended if the majority partner decides that his profits weren’t enough, and needs to extend the exclusivity period.

          Anyway,nobody sensible believes that “birthrights” such as BEC and BTC are free, and don’t have to be maintained, you jackass.
          As for BTC and BEC,we all paid our bills when we could, and because we owned it collectively, we could rely on some leeway when things got tight. Now we’ll have no recourse but disconnection.

          • WHAT IS THE POINT? Have you forgotten how the FNM government took over $100 million out of BTC in dividends? What do you rather?
            a corporation owned by the Bahamian people, employing Bahamians. Generating over $300 million annually. OR a company now owned by foreigners, managed by foreigners and Bahamians fired? Be serious which do you rather?

            Some a yall are not Bahamian ya know?


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