Some 112 migrants sent home – Yes ya been in Abaco but you are going HOME!

Migrants headed back home..

Nassau|For your information, today the Immigration Department repatriated (112) one hundred and twelve charged, tried, processed and subsequently Convicted Illegal Haitian Nationals (Undocumented) by Deportation Order, to their Homeland of Haiti.

Such Deportation Orders and subsequent repatriation consisted of the following citizens of Haiti from LPIA this morning, safely departing at 7:42am via our National Flag Carrier – Bahamasair, without incident:-

(77) seventy-seven Male Adult Haitians
(33) thirty-three Female Adult Hatians
(1) one Male Infant Haitian and
(1) one Female Haitian child.

“We wish them a Safe Flight and well”.

Also repatriated earlier this week were the following persons:-

On 2/11/19
(1) one American Male to America

On 3/11/19
(4) Haitian Males and
(3) Haitian Females to Haiti

Repatriations to Nigeria/Bangladesh/ South Africa on Copa Airlines via Brazil are as follows:

On 4th/11/19
(4) four Nigerian Males
(2) two Bangladesh Males
(1) one South African Female and
(1) one Haitian Male – to Brazil as a Brazilian Resident.

“Come lawfully – or not at all”.