Some Two Hundred Voters in Northern Bahamas with two voters card?


Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel must explain what happened here!

Residents appear twice on the voters register – Could they be voting May 1st?

Freeport Grand Bahama — There is breaking news this morning that can rock the nation and expose Hubert Ingraham and his plot to steal the general election.

Sources deep inside the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner informed Bahamas Press that some 200 persons may now be in possession of more than one voter’s card only two days before advance early voting and 8 days before the big dance.

Only Bahamas Press has exclusive listings of these voters and today we put the nation on high alert about this crookedness!

Get this, the names are as real as the FNM is campaigning against PLP and as night follows day. We can report the individuals appear twice on the register, which these days is no longer published in the official gazette and we know why.

And so now we at Bahamas Press ask these questions that Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel must answer:

How did almost 200 persons end up with two voters cards without your department detecting them?

Why was this development not once brought to the attention of the Press?

What is the current status of the list of voters with only a few days until voting day?

How many persons are registered outside the Bahamas?

What action has been taken by your department to validate persons found without proper addresses?

What’s more, Bahamas Press calls on all opposition parties to protest these developments and file a proper protest before OAS representatives observing the general elections.

Additionally, we invite the PLP to carry its seal to the early voting polls all around The Bahamas, and in particular in Grand Bahama, at COB and at the Kendal G.L Isaacs Gym.

We also advise all voters participating in early voting to arrive at the stations around the country before 8AM.

We also welcome all updates. Whenever and wherever you find incidents of concern, contact BP on Monday from morning to night.

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We report yinner decide.