South African Belly Dancer gives birth to round face Pillsbury Jr?


South Africa – The Smudgy Pudgy Pillsbury Doughboy has plenty explaining to do and could find himself back in the dog house anytime soon.

Bahamas Press has been given word that a famous South African Belly Dancer, known for her extended pleasantries to royals, has given birth to a round face dark looking Pillsbury Jr., exactly nine months following the famous trip.

Pudgy returned from South Africa all smiles when his wife unpacked his bags and discovered live rounds of condoms packed down deep inside his travelling gear. Following that bust-up, word widely spread of an encounter with a Belly Dancer while on the trip, which left many wondering what really went down in South Africa on secret mission to the country.

The news of late isn’t getting any better for Smudgy Pudgy as we are told the Belly Dancer, who goes by the name Abracadabra, is seeking legal counsel to have a DNA test done on Pudgy and the said the round face child to confirm if he is indeed the baby’s daddy.

Sources in Johannesburg say the Belly Dancer is seeking her options to travel to the Bahamas if DNA connects to Pillsbury Sr.

The Belly Dancer was no fool, we understand she gave Pudgy her underwear for keepsake and he did the same in return with a promise to return to South Africa soon.

Sources close to the Belly Dancer tell us, the young lady wishes for the child to have his real father present in his life, which means they both could be coming to the Bahamas.  But what a buss up that ‘ga’ be when she discovers the then pretending bachelor on the ole boys trip is a married man?

Meanwhile, sources close to Pudgy recalled the buss-up in the family home the day when the wife unpacked his travel bags and discovered those live rounds of condoms hid deep into his bags. They recalled her yelling to the top of her voice, “WHERE IS YOUR BOXERS IS MA BOY!?”

We are told DNA specialist in South Africa are extracting DNA samples from that same underwear.


  1. LOL….not da “Where your boxers ma boy”… sure would be a tragedy (for him) if the results prove positive….some Bahamian men sure dont know the meaning of keep it in ur pants….damn shame…damn shame indeed!

  2. As a man am very scared for Pudgy since hell hath no fury like a woman cheated on.I know Pudgy is seething with anger as whether true or not the wife might try kicking some ass.Pudgy needs to wear shades and save all cheaters from getting cutass from their women.For all other men I hope Pudgy does not publicly apologise as he would have set a precedent that others fear.

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