South Andros woman kills boyfriend on Ida Street after he allegedly came home drunk to molest the son…


The victim is Andrew Mackey, from Eleuthera

The victim and the suspect in that murder this morning in the Ida Street Community.
The victim and the suspect in that murder this morning in the Ida Street Community.

Nassau, Bahamas – A South Andros woman is in the custody of the police after she is alleged to have killed her boyfriend early this morning.

A bad fight between a woman and her boyfriend ended deadly this morning as the woman alleged stabbed him as he came home drunk. It is believed that the argument began after the drunk victim physically attacked her son.

BP has learnt Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, and we have identified the victim as, Andrew Mackey, from Eleuthera. The suspect in this investigation is, Ms. Ashley McKenzie, formally of Long Bays South Andros.

The police report noted that shortly after 12:30am, McKenzie reported to them that she had just stabbed her boyfriend during a bad argument. Police then went to a home located at Ida Street, where they met the lifeless body of Mackey. He appeared to have been stabbed to death with deep injuries.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

McKenzie was taken into custody by officers from the Southeastern Division and is assisting police with their investigations.

Looks like another self-defense incident to us, but we are not sure.

The incident records the second homicide on New Providence for the month of August. July recorded no murders for the entire month an achievement that as not been seen since the early 1960s.

We report yinner decide!