Staff Layoffs at Cable Bahamas Aliv [Alie] just days before Christmas…


Aliv event on Grand Bahama over the weekend. Now layoffs have begun.
Aliv event on Grand Bahama over the weekend. Now layoffs have begun.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is tracking the layoffs of some fourteen workers at the second mobile provider’s Call Centre on Grand Bahama this week after serious concerns have arisen about the direction of the new company.

We understand the workers at Cable Bahamas’ Aliv were sent home with notices to the effect that their services would no longer be needed.

It has been just under one month ago, on November 11th, when the Aliv 611 Call Centre office opened its doors with fanfare in the nation’s second city after more than a month’s delay in launching the new mobile network.

Aliv was granted a license under the condition that it would open its doors to customers on October 1st. The launch never happened despite the fact that the company had issued a notice to the public announcing service was ready and would cost potential customers $500 per month.

But now, less than a month since the Call Centre’s opening, those terminated staffers would have to seek social assistance as sales performance is not as expected and a fierce battle to win over customers seems fruitless across the country.

Aliv customers are discovering that the network does not work in hotspots across New Providence and, without a nationwide infrastructure, cannot work on any island outside Nassau and Grand Bahama.

The news out of the Aliv Call Centre is also causing concern to board members at CBL where one executive described the news this way, “…The struggle to secure life in Aliv is real!”

Aliv have of late began to gather and organize an online troll cast against Bahamas Press. What they don’t know though is this…We are Bahamas Press and we are very good at what we do.

We report yinner decide!