Stephen Sherman’s wife set for arraignment tomorrow


The RBC employee, Stephen Sherman, gunned down Friday afternoon. Sherman had just pulled up his home when a gunman fatally shot him as he exited his vehicle.

Stephen Sherman plot investigation broadens more arrests to come – BLOOD IN THE BEDROOM II

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press senior court agent is reporting at this hour documents are being prepared by prosecutors to arraign as early as tomorrow the wife of murder victim #18, Stephen Sherman.

Sherman was shot dead after being ordered out of his vehicle last week Friday around 8PM. His niece, who was with him at the time, was unharmed.

Sherman’s murder accused was arraigned today, and we are told his wife will be charged sometime tomorrow on charges of conspiracy to commit the murder of her husband.

Sources close to the investigation also revealed to Bahamas Press it is evident that the wife had known the shooter who is in his 20s.

We also know a half-a-million dollar life insurance policy was taken out by his wife just months before the incident.

BP is advised two other suspects now on the run from police are being sought as co-conspirators in the plot, which was played out like a Shakespearian drama.

We also understand another close family relative of the wife is also being questioned in this matter.

Fritz Stubbs Robbed Again

Information coming into Bahamas Press reveals former banker Fritz Stubbs was a robbery victim once again as gunmen held him up while he sat in his vehicle around 2:15 yesterday morning outside his home.

The men ordered Fritzy out of his car and onto the ground while one of his assistants lay on the floor. The hard worker Fritz was not moved by the incident and noted, “These are the times we are living in.”

Girls run away at Willamae

Bahamas Press has learnt some 11 young women housed at the Willamae Pratt for girls attempted to escape the facility following reprimand by a senior warden.

Three of the girls managed to make good their break-a-way and fled into the darkness. Police, we are told, are investigating the developments at the school.

This is not the first time such incidents have occurred at the centre.

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  1. How do we know for sure that she did it? I thought that was what the court case was for? Has she been deemed guilty by media and hearsay.

    If she is guilty I hope she goes to prison but if she is innocent I feel sorry for her because she will have a hard time proving it.

  2. Lord! what next in this Bahamas?What was Mrs. Sherman thinking ever heard off this word “DIVORCE”.Well i guess she may have watched on episode of “SNAPPED” to many.May his soul rest in peace

  3. Lord I pray this woman, her brother and all others involved suffers for this! May her n her brother get a harsher punishment than any1 else involved! They are demons!

  4. This is so sad to have such beautiful kids involved. I pray that the wife repents about what she has done. It is also so sad to hear through the streets how she had such a terrible attitude and no could have advised this psycho with counselling?? She could only be a mental patient to have done something like this…. for the insurance money??? MY GOD she should be ashamed of herself. My prayers are with her family because this a really sad matter. Father dead, mother the cause of his death… and what about the kids?? How are these kids suppose to face school and society with this hovering over there heads?

    • renae fit to be put behind a donkey’s ass and let him fart her to death ,all she had to do was walk away .i’ve never known steven to be a bad person ,but for the witch in stelettos alway’s very greedy and materialistic .on a more serious note she married the wrong man ,i pray for those kid’s that GOD will aiways guide and protect them ,and that the public show compasion and keep them in prayers.

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