Ten die on migrant voyage to the Bahamas – 100 Haitian National stranded


Haitian Sloop runs aground just on the western coast of Exuma – 100 migrants on board….

Bahamas Press live footage at that migrant vessel which ran aground near Exuma western coast.

Haiti’s  internal situation is not getting any better and thus residents are fleeing to surrounding countries like the Bahamas!

Nassau, Bahamas — Both US Coast Guard and Royal Bahamas Defence Force Officers are at this hour fighting rough seas as they work to rescue a large group of Haitian Nationals whose vessel ran aground this morning in the western Exuma chain.

We can report some 10 persons have lost their lives during the voyage and following the wreck.

Some 100 migrants were on board. 13 are reported to have been severely dehydrated and are now being treated on Staniel Cay. The others will be transported to the capital for repatriation.

This is the season when many flotillas of ships full of migrants make their way up the Bahama Chain in hopes of finding a better way of life.

With the economic boom in the Bahamas set to make things better for the economy – many Haitian nationals are risking their lives to find jobs.

We have no reports of any of the migrants losing their life in the exercise.

We report yinner decide!