The 12-hour shift with police saved lives – But the silent majority who want to be safe said nothing…


Dear Editor,

BP, its no coincidence that as soon as the 12 hour shift stop last month, all the shooting start up. The police had Fox hill, Nassau Village, Pinewood, the Groove, East street, Market St, Pinedale and the surrounding areas on lock down. These beast couldnt do shit.

The Police staff association leader started crying and forced Mr Greenslade to stop it. I can tell you the PM and Dr Nottage wanted to keep it going, but Perry allowed Mr Greenslade to make the call.

The minute the police find something that works, the political forces go to work to stop what is working. There are some among us who don’t want to see this country solve its problems unless their party is in power to take the credit. The FNM did the same thing with Urban Renewal and the police in the schools program. They stopped those programs not because it wasnt effective, they stopped it because those good ideas wasnt theirs and thus they couldnt parade around saying look what we do.

At this point , they have to bring the 12 hr shift back in some form. They have too!