The Emperor of Fox Hill is DEAD! Murders all linked to revenge killings


Dion Emperor Knowles Shot dead on Milo Butler Highway.


Nassau, Bahamas — Police in the capital were overly busy last night as they wrapped up investigations into the death of the Emperor of Fox Hill, Dion Knowles.

Gunshots rung out on the Milo Butler Highway last night, and the frightening sounds confirmed something had went terribly wrong.

Eyewitnesses tell us a man was knocked off his scooter and was later seen fleeing the scene of the accident. Minutes after that, persons on location said they witnessed a rasta-like-man shot to death multiple times by a gunman who then fled the scene.

The death of Knowles some tell us was evident following prior events of his life; which led him in and out of prison and gave him the name, Emperor of Fox Hill.

Before the 2007 general election, Knowles was put away in Fox Hill for wreaking havoc in the society, and following the victory of the FNM, mysteriously he was walking around in broad-daylight as a free man.

Just before election 2007, Dion “Emperor” Knowles mysteriously appeared on the scene on a one-way ticket out of Fox Hill Prison. No one knows how a man with so many charges against his name was LET OUT of jail, just like Ashley Newbold who was also murdered on Toote Shop Corner.

Boss Hog Brent Symonette's general in Fox Hill area gunned down.

Dion, the self claimed Emperor, hung around at first with his usual drug-dealing comrades and then supposedly stepped into the light making a “fresh start”. He linked up with Brent Symonette and started a campaign in Fox Hill to rid all residents of outdoor plumbing.

Bahamas Press believes Brent Symonette was too scared to go full force into Fox Hill, where the heart of the poor people reside, and so he linked up with someone like the Emperor; letting him “donate” a few ‘TERLETS’. Those lavatories were being built for old people in the community in exchange for a few FNM votes or a few places to stash some nefarious items.

Perhaps the highlight of his criminal past came when his nephew was found shot dead in the Fox Hill community. Knowles was on the run from police, and when captured for almost evading the law for some 12 months, he was immediately released on bail for the murder. A few months ago the case was thrown out of court and well once again, the man who many believe were responsible for the deaths of many, was back roaming the streets of New Providence.

To some, last night’s event was greeted with loud shouts of praise in the Fox Hill community, with one family telling our news team, “The Righteous Judge of all the earth has made peace with mankind; there is peace once again down here below. The earth has again opened her mouth and has removed from us sin! Bless His name!”

Lamar Ferguson, shot dead early Wednesday morning.

We are told the Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette had just left the Calvary Baptist Church on East Street South when he was greeted with the news. Today Mr. Symonette is wearing black in a sign of mourning following last evening’s tragic event.

This murder came only 16 hours following the death of Lamar Ferguson. His body was discovered around 6am Wednesday morning on Laird Street riddled with gunshots. It is believed Ferguson was hit by bullets following an incident, which occurred earlier that morning. But get this.

Despite reports of his saintly demeanor, BP has pulled his file and what was shown to us is indeed shocking.

Not one reporter/journalist in this country tracked the fact that Ferguson was just released from prison after serving time. Now get this. Ferguson is now headed to the bone yard just like three of his other brothers who died the same death as the crime war on the ground becomes inflamed.

A Haitian guy by the name of Limo, who got killed last week in the Fox Hill area, was charge with killing of, Kirk ‘Tang’ Ferguson, [Lamar Ferguson’s younger brother] in 2002. His oldest brother Harry Ferguson was found dead in his car with gunshot wounds about the body. Another brother, Bradley Ferguson was released last year after being arrested for a triple killing in Fox Hill, he was killed in Pinewood.

We conclude Emperor’s death last night is being cited as a revenge killing for the death of Limo. Sources tell us detectives are on HIGH ALERT in the Fox Hill community as the violence, bloodshed and mayhem continues.

Today, BP presents the news no one in the WUTLESS media have the guts to report! Fact is they refuse to ask Papa about his agent #1622 connection. So there ya have it. WE REPORT>>>YINNER DECIDE!


  1. now look at this the gov didnot charge anyone with marco archer killing yet why because they are afraid to charge him they are all cowards and those two young boys that led the police to the house where marco was found they not ga get no justice cause edwardo is lying and saying that his brother the paralyze police officer did it to set him up. edwardo is psycotic he is mental look dont let him out on the streets of nassau cause he going to be another randino pratt

  2. Stephen die stubbs is who claiming response for these murders. Nassau yall so fool if it aint the truth on this lil island it close. i dont know why the police aint put this animal down yet.

    • And how do you know this???
      I live in a drug turf area and from my knowledge and experience its the younger generation coming up to take over the older persons for respect. Everyone wants to be a bad man and hold a gun, but snotty in the police station.
      @ FUNKY NASSAU,you shouldn’t be throwing out accusations when you don’t know neither persons. Both are men that demanded their respect either by their love or their guns.
      A fact is every bad man out their that have stripes has a price on their head including Die so maybe the animal has already been put down and the police didn’t have to get their hands dirty…..

  3. I wonder what the elected officials think about the ruling of the privy counsel now? You all really think them people care about us? Isn’t that why we became independent, so that we can make decisions that impact us, and not give that authority to some out of touch, don’t care anyhow people in a land far away? Now unconvicted murderers are being slaughtered on the street. Just like in the wild wild west. THIS ISLAND NEED TO TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY. THEN TRUE JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL

  4. All I can say is, it is always sad when someone dies at the hands of a murderer in this country. It doesn’t matter who they are, murder is murder. There is always a victim and a suspect. The justice system has failed us all at some point in our lives, it is just not fair. However, If you know who the trouble makers are, try to reach out to them on a one on one level. It’s never too late.

  5. Everything in this country is political. I feel sorry for persons who sit and wait for handouts from governments. They do nothing for me, because I still have to go to work everyday, pay high utility bills, eat, live and do whatever it takes to make life a little easier for my family. At the end of the day all they do is make it harder to live in this damn country. It is sad! We will be like the illegal immigrants soon, trying to flee our country due to hardships.

  6. Why are some of you Bahamians so petty? I’ve seen errors in all of the comments here. My point is; It was a little difficult but, nonetheless, I understood what they were saying. Summa yall does make me sick! SMT!….All this bickering about spelling is so insignificant.

    • Irritated, don’t be bothered. Some of them seek to correct us and in doing so they need correction themselves. Lucky us though to have the interested, the critics, the grammatical lecturers and common folk all on our page. It has driven up like a rocket our readership numbers. The morning dailies cannot say the same. With their erred presentation and misinformation on Bahamian history few are buying the dying dailies. Look how they dropped that thing called WEAKYLEAKY. Not one newspaper have yet asked papa why was he recorded castigating his number two and three knuckleheads in the presence of a foreign country.

      Not one reporter has asked Papa if what was presented in WEAKYLEAKY was true or fact. Not one could find the testicular gumption to ask him if he was ever agent [#1622] for a foreign government. Could yinner imagine that? And they want us to take them as serious or credible? PLEASE!


    • read your bible this earth belongs to satan . the bible say that the serpent and his demonS were cast out of heaven . HE LIVES HERE HOPE , I AGREE THOUGH WE NEED PRAYERS

    • Guy, let’s repeat this one more time, you can read the novels being published online by the DUTTY TOILET PAPERS called the Tribune and Guardian. You have options! You don’t have to come one BP and then keep repeating yourself, otherwise we will not continue publishing your comments. This is your 30th comments in the same.


  7. first of all kirk tank dog is not lamar younger brother, kirk don’t have a younger brother name lamar,,kirk is not his mother youngest child, second of all kirk brother that was release out of prison name is not lamar, thirdly let kirk tank dog rest in peace it has been since 2002 and you’ll still haven’t get you’ll facts straight yet,please do you’ll research before you’ll publish things…it sames as if the bahamas press is just writing things for publicity how sad… cant even read the bahamas papers for facts anymore,,,

  8. Bahamians are seriously just retarded at times. The fact of the matter Is we are only human and will make mistakes! But we are missing the issue! Bp you’re an amazing writer, do not worry about ignorant people, continue bringing us the news and other important issues.

  9. Dutty yal needa check dis before yal start puttin up a heap of bull…Limo is in no way connected to Kirk,HARRY JOHNSON WHO DIED IN AN ACCIDENT,or Bradley. This site is garbage, check your info before you slander my people

  10. Everyone(silentsoldier) please stop making speculations. If you dont know exactly whats going on, sit down n read all the posts on BP, and make a assetment from there. How could Dion be a killing after
    Lamar, if Lamar youngest brother was Dion’s workman? That wouldnt make any sense, but to each its own.

  11. Emperor wasn’t revenged for limo……he was revenged for lamar ferguson. look at it, lamar died & emperor died later. he live by da sword die by it,i just feel bad for ferguson but emperor,he had it coming!

  12. Come that such a far drop even for you BP to link Brent to Dion Knowles. If you want to go there none of the two major parties have a monoply with criminal elements. Lets not forget the 80’S when headlines read paraphrasing “A nation for sale” refering to colombian drug runners using our cays as shipment points. We dont want to thow stones when persons have boulders.

    • Again REALIST, Bahamas Press is not interested in writing novels on Bahamian politics. The Tribune is good at that. We are not interested in the 1980s, we want to discuss the present!


      • @Media,
        It is so convenient to say “we report…yinner decide” and not take RESPONSIBILITY for IRRESPONSIBLE reporting. How can you report fairly and responsibly without taking the past into consideration. In order for your readers to better understand your “stories” you shoudl give them some basis and any pertinent background information to better understand the story. Or is it that you don’t want them to see the whole picture?

        Sure you don’t want to write a book about politics but it is very clear that you play a one-sided role in it.

  13. Media you are glorifying a criminal/killer/thief/murder with his posted picture and story, this person know as The Emperor was just such.

  14. The Violence must Stop! May his soul rest in peace.
    As the good Book says “so shall a man live so shall he die……..

  15. This is just a blog, this is not graded, like a school English paper . . . so whats the big deal if someone spells something wrong? Bahamians worry about the simplest things and this is the reason why our courtry is heading deep in the gutter. Someone was murdered, and whether he was the devil himself, the point is that the person responsible for his death had a mission to kill him. Becasue that person wanted him dead, an innocent person could have been killed when the bullets were prayed at him. So lets stop worring about spelling errors and lets start thinking as a country, to reduce crime in this country.

  16. @Island Priest you are so correct. @BP Continue bringing the facts to the Bahamian people, i certainly applaud you for having the guts to report without fear. @ sad sad sad there is no need to criticize bp for his mis-spelling we all know what he meant.We as Citizens of The Bahamas need to UNITE and rid the Once called Paradise of these Legions wreaking havoc in OUR LAND WE CALL HOME….

  17. I understand this is the political season, but please be responsible when report the climate of violence is now contain to bad man against bad man…. No need to bring innocent persons into the fray… It’s silly, BP has now sank to a knew low…. What is the purpose of your comments…. If the wrong person, obvious I’ll bred and lacking proper education and thinking capacity, view your comments…… It’s possible the DPM could be targeted… Is this your intent…. Again be responsible BP there is enough killing as is no need for you to incite violence.. It speaks directly to perhaps limited education of the writer.. To quote the great Bob Marley ” who the cap fit let them wear it” seek to be a peace maker BP no one wins by your approach…

    • The DPM could be targeted? he should have known that when he appointed Knowles Emperor in charge of TOILET CONSTRUCTION! THINK Bahamas you sure ain’t thinking at all!


  18. nassau brace yasef cause da earth a run redd…
    i wouldn’t wan be a zoe on dat island rite na, its gonna be a bloody weekend…!!!

  19. “You live by the sorward, you die by it” It is understoond that “the Emperor has been responsible for a number of murders”. Some described him as be a cold ruthless killer” If this is the case then he alone has to face eternity for what he has done and have an eternal “dance with the devil” On the other had this vigalante way has to stop. Its not going to bering anyone back and its unfortunate that “Our Bahamaland is be stained by the blood of the innoence and not so innocencet. THE VOLIENCE MUST STOP. Have we not shed enough blood Bahamas, have we not shed enough tears? Is there not enough families lossing their love ones. May God have mercery on our Bahama Land.

  20. Now seriously you did a stellar job putting all these different stories together and trying to make one story out of many… you get what the Deputy have on today in the mix…amazing…

    While you are leading persons who cannot think for themselves astray with your spin try to properly educate them as well…Note that the phrase is ‘wrecking havoc’ not cant smell havoc and someone is in ‘mourning’ not morning…I will leave the other mistakes for Nicki Kelly

  21. The political directorate and the police mislead us by stating this murder victim or that murder victim was “known” to the police. That is all well and good if one killer kills the other. But do you think the surviving killer will stop at that point? No. Any dispute they becomes involve with, the gun will be a viable option to the killer. We are all in danger when the state fails to execute and enforce the law.

  22. how did BP get to link the crime that dion has done to the fnm and brent… come on BP don’t be stupid.
    Moreover it is never to late for a Person to change their ways.
    I just feel that it is to early for all of this foolishnes you’ll writing man

  23. The Bahamas is in a war zone. Anarchy and mayhem are in full effect. All this killings is a result of the failed judicial system and corruption. People are taking the law in their own hands and getting vigilante justice. They say we need to enforce the death penalty but the death penalty is in full effect on the streets.

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