The Former Premier’s Son that couldn’t! Brent – like Tommy – should lie down and play dead – and shutup!


When did he account for the millions he made on the backs of the Bahamians People?

Minister of Foreign Affairs Brent Symonette

Nassau, Bahamas — It was indeed incredible to hear another ghost from the past raising from the dead like a hologram and speaking on behalf of the FNM on the appointment of Dr. Ellison Rahming as Ambassador to the US.

Brent Symonette, the Former Premier’s son that couldn’t, found his way to the media this week to question why the Americans have yet to approve Ambassador Dr. Rahming in his post.

Perhaps the former Foreign Minister knows something we don’t, but he is not saying anything, just as he said nothing when he benefited from the 100 million dollars in overruns on the botched roadworks on New Providence.

Perhaps after counting his hefty bank account from the deal, Brent then decided to come out in the public to get into our business again and start some national dialogue.

His comments, however, have forced Dr. Rahming to begin conversations with his legal team who are now hollering “Defamatory” comments.

We don’t know why Rahming has yet to be denied ratification with the US, and we believe just maybe if someone asked the SDA Church if they knew anything sinister that would block such an appointment then maybe we all would know what the problem is.

Fact is though, Brent Symonette is the last man on earth who should be questioning integrity and must have bitten his tongue when he mentioned the words “Accountable” during his press conference last week.
For example Symonette couldn’t tell us – nor could anyone to this date for that matter – how many undocumented persons were issued citizenship prior to the 2012 General Elections.

Symonette could not tell us what was his government’s plan to rid the country of illegal Shanty Towns.

Symonette Could not tell us how many Shanty Town there were in the Bahamas – nor could his trusted Junior Minister Branville McCartney say what they did in the three plus years they were in office to deal with the vexing problem of Shanty Towns!

Symonette couldn’t tell us exactly who were the 19 wealthy families with Preference Shares in the Arawak Cay Port Development.

Former Prison Superintendent Elliston Rahming stalled in appointment as US Ambassador.

And he could not account to the Bahamian people why he failed to disclose to Parliament his interest in the Road Deal when he sat around the Cabinet of the Bahamas – FACT: Jose rented from Brent at the Town Centre Mall!

He couldn’t become Prime Minister in a modern Bahamas – nor will he ever be!

So when Brent Symonette came to the public last week screaming “Accountability”, we stood in shock, and had to say something.

Not for the PLP – but for the Bahamian people – ’cause the present crew looks like they willing to forget Symonette also.

We report yinner decide!