The Pretending is Over: Bran and DNA Working for the FNM


Renward Wells - PLP Bamboo Town

Statement by PLP Candidate for Bamboo Town

Yesterday afternoon, Steve McKinney revealed what many Bahamians had begun to suspect all along: the DNA and FNM have formed a secret coalition, designed to fool Bahamian voters into believing the DNA is something new and providing cover for Ingraham’s fading support.  The media is investigating private meetings that took place in Lyford Cay – where Bran and Hubert reportedly met to discuss their conspiracy.

Has Bran always been part of a secret FNM ploy?  Or did the DNA’s internal turmoil, disorganization, and failure to recruit credible candidates send him back to Ingraham’s arms?  Bahamians don’t really care what the answer is – they just know they won’t be played for fools.

Bahamians are learning that participating in Ingraham’s disastrous failure of a Cabinet – which has presided over record murders and a plummeting economy – only taught Bran how to mislead rather than to lead.

In fact, many Bahamians will not be surprised to hear about Bran cutting deals with the FNM under the table.  After all, Bran McCartney sat in Parliament and was silent for day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year while the FNM failed to put Bahamians first.  He not only voted for FNM budgets that hurt Bahamians, he did so with enthusiasm!  He did so with passion!  He did so while praising Ingraham to the skies!

The truth is, Bran has always been nothing more than a tax-raising, work-permit-granting, middle-class-hurting baby FNM.

Ingraham was against Urban Renewal.  So is Bran.  Ingraham’s against the PLP proposal to double the nation’s investment in education and training – Bran followed right in his footsteps opposing it.

To describe this DNA-FNM deal-making as sinister and dishonest is to be too generous.

The mask is off now, Bran. You can stop your double talk. The pretending is over, you are and always will be an FNM according to your own words. He said in the house that “I don’t care whether it is an NDP idea, PLP idea, or an ABC idea, I want to make it clear-I am an FNM.”


  1. The upcoming national elections will definitely be an interesting one and one in which sound minded persons would do well to study carefully without the trappings of political affiliations, which have been the culture to date. More and more Bahamians are taking an independent stance as the elections draw nigh, a position that should force the politicians to move beyond the ‘party sound-bites’ that generate applause but have no substance, to presentations that clearly outline plans and policies that will address the myriad issues that this nations face.
    In the face of rising crime and social instability, an economy in crisis, and a number of other high priority challenges including an ineffective education system and a culture where many cannot seem to get justice; we should insist that this election be solution driven! While the politics of throat cutting and castigation of the US system cannot be completely obliterated, through the mess, the serious candidates for the Bahamian support should provide a clear vision for this country. A vision that could stimulate hope and enthusiasm in the future.
    This is my personal interest and I hope to see more of it during election time.

  2. When you see a major political party like the PLP engaging in gapseed-style propoganda like this, you know they are desperate. Promote your virtues, brother Wells. Trust me, nobody is interested in what you think about the DNA or FNM. People will judge for themselves.

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