The Tribune Cannot Remember Carl Bethel and the FNM Violent Protest in 1983

Carl Bethel

FNM Torchbearer, Carl Bethel was lifted off Bay Street by Police and arrested when he refused to move outside Parliament and was lying down on the ground obstructing traffic. He was later charged with unlawful assembly, obstruction and resisting arrest along with 13 others.

The demonstration was in support of the then BUT President, Mr. Leonard Archer who was forced into early retirement.

Carl Bethel demonstrated his way to power via bully tactics and civil disobedience and was very insulting to Sir Lynden Pindling in the process, Now it’s payback time!

Article written in Friday’s Tribune, December 30th 1983.


  1. Wackey Eileen Carron thinks that she is the arbiter of decency. It is fortuitous for the Bahamas that the higher she has climbed into “papa”‘s lap the more we have seen of her and it is not a pretty sight. She should “fix hersef”. And at her age. Indecent!!!!!!

  2. If he was a Torchbearer, wasn’t he a child still (under 18)? Good that he was arrested and charged. Hopefully he learned his lesson and matured as an adult.

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