The Warren Jeffs of the Bahamas! Randy Fraser trail sends an indictment to the Judicial System in the country!

What sermon will RANDY FRASER preach this Sunday? How to have sex in Chruch?

Nassau, Bahamas — If you pass by Pilgrim Baptist Church this morning, perhaps you would find sitting up on the high altar like a Chinese Buddha the man accused of having sexual relations with a minor placed in his care.

As the wheels of justice in The Bahamas slow to a grinding halt in this case, the senior pastor, Bishop E. Randy Fraser, could be seen every night almost on the TV, walking free as a bird in and out of court.

The matter has been boiling around the bench for years. The incidents are alleged to have occurred between July 2005 and February 2006. We are today in 2011 and still justice is not served.

Crimes at the Eight Mile Rock High School on Grand Bahama, where the rape of underage boys occurred, has been long finished and Andre Birbal locked away, but this Fraser case seems to have no end. Why?

Residents throughout the length and breadth of this country should be livid to this protracted second trial, which has hung up in the courts for far too long. Could you imagine if this one case could take this long, how much longer it takes in this country to convict murders, who are walking around killing witnesses on bail?

The Bishop says he is innocent, and the entire allegation is a lie! After being dumped and body slammed by his first lawyer, Wayne Munroe, only few believe including BP the innocence of the man standing trial.

Now get this, Randy Fraser, worked some years back at a school in The Bahamas. Has anyone investigated how Fraser lost his position there? Go look into it!

Then we have this case, where he served as judge and jury on the “Child Protection Services Board” right here in The Bahamas. How could a jurist, entrusted by the STATE, to seek protections for children, finds himself attempting back shots on a dependent in his care? HOW?

Did anyone follow the trace of the call from the phone of the accused Bishop to the phone of the victim, which should have been the central piece of evidence against the accused?

Then there are the allegations from L. W. Young Junior High School where Fraser once presented as a music teacher. Not one report in the country has dug into this salacious, SCANDALOUS past of the Baptist preacher; where rumours flew like flying planes over the campus. Unchristian, UNGODLY incidents we are told were the order of the day between teachers and students in the music department, but nothing was ever done. Fraser was ejected from the school, and as they say, the rest was history.

But not one file has been pulled on Bishop Randy Fraser following up these allegations to prove a pattern of behaviour. We wonder why.

Were other young teen girls from the church entrusted in the care of the Bishop from L. W. Young?

Did complaints fly at the school back then by young girls who many at the time were cutting breast for the first time and preyed upon by the UNCOUTH pastor?

Were young girls ever handed over to Fraser by the State to be protected by his church?

Was this the first complaint by a victim? Do we have a record pattern of behaviour by Fraser? [And we repeat, here’s another question never presented by the prosecution].

Recently, a female police officer was raped by two men, does this protracted case concludes that this law-abiding woman in uniform, must now wait another five years to get justice?

The E. Randy Fraser trial lands an indictment on the Justice System in The Bahamas! Women cannot get justice. Children cannot get justice, the citizens, including the witnesses are being massacred in the streets, while the UNGODLY terrorizes our society.

Bahamians should rise up against this Criminal display of ‘VICKEDNESS’ in HIGH PLACES!


  1. I think the systems is buying time with the Randy Frasier case, 5 years to bring to justice oh man… they will use that 5 years as his punishment, a slap on the wrist huh. Might as well pat him on the back.this is terrible, he needs to be punished like anyone else.

  2. Perhaps, somebody need to send Rev. Fraser and his wife a copy of Usher’s confessions CD, that might get them to tell the truth, obvious the Bible isn’t inspiring them to do it. That is, if they is read it.

  3. guilty,guilty,guilty jail his ass if it was someonelse they would have done five years already,Randy Fraser is a disgrace to all men who represent the cloth he should be hanged by his balls in rawson square.

  4. all i know is God sits high but he looks low so for all you people who think you can get away with murder your day is coming God has a way of bringing things in the open you may run but you can not hide

  5. Blame Bishop Neil Ellis- He allowed Bishop Frazer to be head bishop of that church even after the sex scandal brought forth to the public.

    Chall what you give to the world you cant take back.

  6. And the call this a Christian Nation……if this is a Christian Nation I wonder what a satanic one looks like?

    Politicians, The so called Christian Council,and The Justice System can “ALL” go to HELL! As if there are not already working for satan!

  7. Come see me talking about I putting on my Sunday’s best to go sit up in Pilgrim Baptist Church to listen to a sermon being given by Rev. Randy Fraser, unless it’s his confession sermon, where both he and his wife promise to come clean about how cum actually got on the church’s carpet, other than that you can’t be serious!

    • Hooray kim. lol-when he is doing the confession sermon please dont let me miss that. lol
      But on a serious note, are you guys serious? is this man still preaching in a church in our country after such atrocious allegations? WHO ARE HIS PARITIONERS????????.. for too long in our country has the government petted pedophiles. they even catered and are still catering to them, by handing them little boys and girls on a platter. woooo hoooo! pedaphile heaven. the sad part is after these guys are found out, they are then moved from one school and sent to another school to unsuspecting parents and children, like pieces in a chess match. lets stop it. its our jobs to protect the children. lets stop beasts like randy frazier, let make an example of him. send him to jail. thatswhere he belongs.

      • @Dee:
        “for too long in our country has the government petted pedophiles. they even catered and are still catering to them”
        That was the main, unspoken reason for the almost universal opposition to the PLP’s original National Service idea. At that time, there was hardly a family that felt confident that their children would be safe among politically appointed,slack, corrupt,petty and in some cases unqualified counsellors and instructors.
        Fast forward to the modern day, and the attitudes,etc.,have not changed… ” they even catered and are still catering to them, by handing them little boys and girls on a platter. woooo hoooo! pedaphile heaven. the sad part is after these guys are found out, they are then moved….”

  8. this case took 5 years to conclude does anyone think randy will ever spend time behind bars.what a joke i tell people all the time i’m sure that young lady has brothers it would have been better for one of her brothers to maim or just give randy a good cut a– than to let him get away with murder.

  9. The same can be said for the families who had love ones killed are waiting on justices for there love ones when are the courts going to get it right

  10. I pray justice is served to the family and this young lady. I pray this “beast” (No he is not a man”) get what he deserves.

  11. I am with you on this BP. This case sickens me. I still dont understand how he is still allowed to preach every Sunday morning and how the members actually sit and listen to him. If this were any other denomination, he would have had to sit out and wait until he was proven innocent. Man of God my foot!!

  12. There will be “NO” perjury or miscarriage of justice in the courts of GOD! “NO” corrupt practices! Justice for this wicket act is crying out from the darlings of our nation. His wife should hang her head in “SHAME.” Are we in the business of classifying criminals; the pastor or the former Commissioner of Police sons can’t be convicted!!!Dam SHAMEFUL!!!

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