There is Blood in the Water as a BIG FIGHT Begins between the DNA and the FNM

A packed House of former FNMs join the DNA.

Nassau, Bahamas — Voters, who will never support the PLP have organized in the hundreds behind Branville McCartney.

Hundreds, and we mean hundreds, of loyal traditionalist FNM foot soldiers congregated at the Wyndham Nassau Marriott Hotel last night to witness the formation of the new DNA Party.

The Party’s base, which is a breakaway from the Governing Free National Movement, has taken off with a BANG!

The empty support base of the FNM has been destroyed by the DNA. The Nov. Elections are now between the PLP and the DNA. This was the scene at the FNM's youth conclave over the weekend. Branches never attended. Tonight Papa is organizing a branch in North Abaco for the first time in 25 years.

Collecting immense money base of the FNM Party, Branville has successfully collected Wade Sands grandson of Ben Albury and Roscoe Thompson III Grandson of Sir Duward Knowles into the Party’s fold. Both are successors from the UBP throne and are known money backers of the FNM.

One observer said to us, “This must be a devastating blow to the FNM government, which we know has lost significant support in its youth base and its financial arm. A large gang of supporters from supporters, generals, council members and branch affiliates were in attendance at last night’s launch. There was also in attendance an aide to a sitting Cabinet Member.”

Last night Papa engaged the FNM attack machine giving them all instructions to offload a canon attack on the DNA. There is BLOOD IN WATER!

The off springs [DNA] of the FNM is ready for a BIG BIG FIGHT. The new Party has galvanized the support of terminated workers at ZNS, who were once longstanding supporters to the FNM. Present at last night’s event was the brother of Dr. Hubert Minnis, who was fired from ZNS. Steve Mckinney from the McKinney Group, which was fired from BIS was also present. William Carroll [BTC Managers UNION BOSS] was also there; another hardcore FNM, who oversaw the termination of scores of FNM workers at ZNS and the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

Sources at the FNM headquarters today tell us Carl Bethel was seen scratching his head, smoking like a chimney and is drinking shots of hard Cuban black coffee as he talks to himself pacing up and down at headquarters on Mackey Street.

How did so many diehards, loyal, hardcore FNM support filled the room is the big question?

An FNM said, “The FNM break-a-way Party has ran off with the base of the FNM Party, how we recover from this is the big question.”


  1. Upon returning to the Bahamas from abroad during the Christie Administration, it was apparant that the country(I had visited Abaco Acklins, and Grand Bahama Islands) wasw in disarray and the infrastructure was decaying, with no maintainance. The illegal immigrants have as much rights as the citizen; their living areas have proliferated out of control on many of our populated islands;Jamaicans openly conduct prostituition activities only a few feet from the Police Station on West Bay Street. All rthis, and we have a Prime Minister that advises immigrants,regardlessof their status in this country, to “SUE THE GOVERNMENT.” What leader of a country despises his citizenry so much that he will suggest suing the Treasury and it’s people. I contend that this country and REAL CITIZENS BAHAMIANS are fed up with a government that has implamented laws to facilitate the opening of buisnesses by foriegn entities that will compete with Bahamians, who cannot be granted buisness loans, like the foriegners. We will become second class citizens in our own country; our children, rentors.
    I am in full support of Mr. Mcartney, a trus, Patriotic Bahamian, and I ask all nationalistic Bahamians to get on board; see the light.

  2. The DNA looks good but i say to all we do not know Mr McCartney he could be the biggest dictator of all.
    A man who will not listen to his leader but has no leadership experience and was not electted but appointed by himself is not a good sign.look what happen to turks and their pretty boy P.M. we are to be carefull.

  3. @ Coconut Grove

    You are out to lunch!!! Again I say to a poster, the most accurate and current assessment of political standings comes from a non-partisan, public relations & polling company called “Public Domain” and it ABSOLUTELY disagrees with your interpretation of the likely outcome of the 2012 general elections results. Now, if you are one of the many who has a “view” (probably based on party loyalty) and to hell with facts, then I understand. On the other hand, if information assist in forming your opinion (particularly when such information is from a trustworthy source), then you would do well to connect with their findings before making predictions about “seatless wonders” this way or the next. Frankly, you should refrain from posting (what you too will admit is nonsense) until you have digested the SHOCKING results of A REAL, SCIENTIFIC and RECENT poll. Amen.

    • @ STORM

      Please get off your high horse by trying to talk down to someone you don’t know. You are a natural nut just like any Bahamian who has gotten caught up with this DNA foolishness.

      Here you are quoting from a company named Public Domain–I have news for you psuedo-intellectual: there is no such thing as a non-partisan public relations and polling company in the Bahamas. Bahamians are very political and any firm owned by them reflects that!!!

      Storm you are the biggest fool that has ever posted on this site. You call what I posted as nonsense, trust me the only nonsense in cyberspace is the crap that spew out of the mouths of individuals like you. I guess you like man and have fallen in love with Mccartney.

      Please stop trying to spin foolishness about the “shocking results from a real, scientic and recent poll.”

      Polls are like pens you dummy, they can say whatever people want them to say, especially when those people are politically biased!!!

      I have one thing to say to you: STOP LIKIN’ MAN!!! Well in Mccartney’s case—a man child, who is going to be a seatless wonder after the next election!!!

  4. Kim Sands, I just love u, everything you said about PAPA is correct. I wish he would go now, cuz I cant take a next day with him. I wish it was election day tomorrow for the “GREAT PRETENDER”.

    • Thank you Sammy for the kind remark. If these people allow him to swing them again, they want get swing. This man already set in his ways and he will be more older and miserable, I don’t want be here to deal with it. I think if he get in again, I rather go live aboard.


  6. Ingraham did some good things for this country, if I were to say anything otherwise, that would be biggest of all lies, but Lord know I can‘t take another five years with him as our leader, he is too arrogant, spiteful and vindictive. He talks to us as if we are beneath him and he has no respect for us. Only when it time for election he pretends to have a softer side to him, that how I believe plenty people got swung the last election, you remember when he told us he changed, because he now have grandchildren? This time he is not using that same old line, because he’s not stupid, he know people will not buy into that again. What he doing now, he and his cabinet ministers are going around to these schools eating lunch with the students. This man so sharp and skilful when it comes to manipulation, he realize the quickest way to get into people’s hearts are to use the children or the elderly. We should expect to see plenty more of these charades leading up to election, people don’t be fooled by him again. If he were to get back in, it will not be any better, he will treat you much worst than he is treating you now. This man has mistreated and abused us and we need to find away out of this abusive relationship. Yeah, he did some good things, but that’s not sufficient reason to stay. It’s like a man scheming and beating his wife and then bringing her flowers, candies and jewelries afterwards, would you encourage her to stay in that relationship?

  7. BP if your observations are accurate then the FNM will lose. You stated that many FNM supporters were there so I guess those folks will vote DNA and not FNM, resulting in an FNM loss.

    Seeing that PM Ingraham is a master strategist, I think when the new boundaries are made public, Branville Mccartney may be in for the shock of his life–Branville may find himself running in parts of Golden Gates that have become very loyal to Mr.Shane Gibson.

    Supporters of the DNA must realize that even though theirs is a new party that may appear to be popular, their members/supporters hold no significant
    numbers in any constituency.

    Base on the appearances I think the DNA is the CDR 2.0. The DNA will get beat bad and Bran Mccartney will be seatless!!!

    • This time around it’s about CHANGE not constituency. We all know that as much as Bahamians don’t like change…when they had enough of being used, it’s OVER!!! So papa could chap up the bounderies as much as he want, this change requires NO BOUNDERIES.

  8. bran vs ing-rum? papa is a dirty player. including them police better know as fnm maxi pad all they see is red when ya mess with papa ya mess with most police they don’t want change but it is come fast. i hope bran do well b/c he put bahamians first thats for sure unlike papa how can you take the rbpf serious when the fnm and rbpf in bed.

    • So you say you support Bran because he put Bahamian first. Well didn’t he vote on these tax increases. Did he object to so many Bahamian being fire, did he object to the removal of the police from our schools and did he object to the closing of the Urban Renewal programs. But yet he says he put Bahamian first. What a joke these politicians would tell you anything just to win. What is clear to me is Bran has an entitlement complex he simply wants to be in charge. If he was so serious about moving this country forward he would have select a slate of candidates who had put themselves out there as people who are prepared to fight for change, strong candidates not people who worship him. He doesn’t want anyone with a strong personality to challenge him. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if he had gone in all the various constituencies and ask individuals who are prepare to offer themselves to the DNA to have a public debate then select the best of these candidates? This would set the precedence for change wouldn’t it?

  9. My congratulations to the DNA on a solid event. I think the only let down of the event were the relatively weak candidates that were offered. Men and women that have a record of intellectual, political or economic success would be needed if the DNA is to develop real momentum; this can’t be a one-man show. I prefer McCartney though over Christie and Ingraham.

  10. I have always advocated for FNMs to overthrow Papa as Leader now we see that the bleeding in the FNM has really started.I know of many FNMs who were at home cheering as they were recently fired by Papa from URCA.Captain Papa the FNM ship is sinking so you better get off now and save yourselves.Boy Papa sure piss off many persons and now its payback time.

  11. BP. The DNA is not only a threat to the FNM but the PLP as well. I have always believed that a third party with a good platform and candidates was viable. The idea that Bahamians should vote only FNM or PLP is outdated. Its like saying that you can only marry once and must stay in an abusive relationship. We Bahamians have been abused at various times by the FNM and the PLP. its time for us to foster a relationship with a political grouping who not only treats us with respect but does not take us for granted. I believe that the DNA may be the last and only chance for us to engage that many qualified Bahamians inside and outside of the Bahamas who have been marginalized and left out of the political and economic life of our country.I smell change and i love it!!

  12. The FNM cannot recover. Those former FNMs are sending a message to Hubert Ingraham to carry his obnoxious, and bullying ways and to go now.

    McCartney can cost the FNM to lose. He had better watch his back though because there are some dirty fellas in the FNM, and they will try to get at him some how.

    He had better not even get a traffic ticket, because if Ingraham’s Tonton Macoutes carry him, in we might not see him in one piece again. COP Greenslade means well, but Ingraham has him tied down, and has encircled him with his Macoutes.

    Lord Jesus help us please.

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