Thousands on election register without any address on file?


Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel could now be heading up another defrauded register.

More than 5% of persons on register cannot be located as no street address or number can be identified on voter’s cards

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is reporting shocking news out of the Parliamentary Commissioner’s office at this hour .

Breaking details confirmed to BP suggest more than 5% of the persons registered for the upcoming general elections were registered without having any valid address.

We can report this development could ultimately throw the election results into the court and present concerns to international election observers.

Sources in the OPM tell us some 7,500 persons listed on the current register are without a proper street address or without any house or apartment number.

Many of the persons flagged simply have a name without any specific location pointing to their place of residence.  The development is of concern to some politicos and even more so to some officials in government.

“We are concerned about the fact that these persons listed on the register may perhaps not even reside in the Bahamas. Without a proper address it means they are unable to clearly identify where the voter is situated in the constituency and it leaves open the chance of political goons moving persons around in a constituency. The development also opens the Pandora’s box of possible election fraud, which could have been concocted right out of the Commissioner’s officer,” a source in the OPM said.

In a list of documents shown to Bahamas Press we can report there are registered voters in the Southern Shores and Golden Isles constituencies are listed on the register with no street address or location whatsoever assigned to the voter’s card or on file.

We can report one of the voters pointed out to us with registration card #99986 was also a newly minted Bahamian who has resided in the Bahamas only recently.

Officers in the department of immigration in this example pointed to the documentation supplied by the department prior to becoming a citizen of the Bahamas. In that documentation, no proper address was supplied by the applicant. So how indeed was the applicant approved for citizenship?

Bahamas Press finds this new development at Errol Bethel’s office appalling and we call for an immediate investigation involving this situation.

We report yinner decide…