Three FNMs two PLP voters tossed out in North Andros register!


After being the BIG LEAKER on Ministry of Education officials in a local tabloid, turned JACKASS running for the FNM in North Andros as he now haul FNMs to court.

Former FNM Vanlock Fowler struck off the register

Breaking news coming out of North Andros at this hour indicates a victory for the people of that constituency.

Bahamas Press has learnt Magistrate Christie ruled that 10 of the 15 persons challenged by North Andros Candidate Desmand Bannister would remain on the register.

We can report five persons will be struck off the register – three of which are hardcore FNMs.

Following the ruling, a diehard FNM from Andros told BP, “This case should have never come to this island. We should not be dividing residents and for Bannister to do this to people he seeks to represent will backfire big-time.”

We are told of the five persons struck off the register two were PLP supporters who are from the constituency but resided in New Providence for employment.

A PLP supporter said, “We are not fazed by what they have done to their own. They attempted to hurt PLPs, but in the process have shot themselves in the foot and attacked their own.

“Bahamians all over want a government who will not see the need to intimidate voters.  After all, we all know the speech writer for the Prime Minister Aaron Kiki Knowles, is registered in polling division number 6 of East End Grand Bahama, but is a resident in Chippingham here in Nassau and is a frequent visitor to McDonald’s breakfast politico club. No one is challenging his right to vote in Grand Bahama, but for the poor people of North Andros must suffer under the intimidation attacks of the FNM. It is just wrong! We will deal with them though.”

We report yinner decide!