Three man rat race in Bain and Grants Town


Dr. B.J.Nottage MP for Bain and Grants Town.

Dear Sir,

THE last shoe has fallen and Mr Rodney Moncur, former leader of the Workers Party, political activist, recently converted Catholic, recent new member of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), has been declared this standard bearer for that party in Bain and Grants Town Constituency. The Bahama Press that had waged a wicked campaign against Mr Moncur, day and night for six months failed and were seen to be wrong in their predictions.

Mr Ortland Bodie, talk show host who lumped Mr Moncur with rejected candidate Mr Whitney Bastian, is seen to be wrong in his wishful thinking.

The kitchen cabinet of the Breakfast Club at McDonald’s in Oakes Field that cast lots on the outcome of this nomination were numb at the results; free breakfast for all!

Rodney Moncur - centre - along with members of his Pro-hanging committee at a press conference yesterday.

This three man rat race in Bain Town between two time representative Dr Bernard Nottage, the Rev Dr C B Moss and activist Rodney “the Hammer” Moncur, is the first line up that catches political onlookers’ eyes. It is threatening to become a volatile and explosive event; the outcome is anybody’s guess.

But, as the same goes; “The first rat gets his tale in the hole his…is covered!”

Looking forward to a most interesting political season and promise much to say!




September, 2011.


  1. Go Hammer Go Hammer Go!
    Go Hammer Go Hammer Go!
    Go Hammer Go Hammer Go!
    Go Hammer Go Hammer Go!

    No all he needs is some funky green pants…..

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