The most expensive Toilet in the History of the Country! Costing Over A Quarter Million Dollars!

THE ****house that cost taxpayers over $270,000. DIS SOME **** eh?

People does get mad with Bahamas Press when we expose rebels, who are committing the most heinous backside rape ever in the history of this country on the Bahamian people.

We could not help however but report how two ministers in the outgoing FNM government; “Helicopter” and “Drunk Again” were captured inspecting a bathroom facility at Saunders Beach, which caused taxpayers some $270,000 to build.

At the signing of the contract BP questioned then what kind a bathroom would cause taxpayers such an huge bill? The replay then was that the bathroom was a state-of-the-art dung hill and not your ordinary ‘terlet’ [****house]. [NOW YALL KNOW WHAT WE WANT SAY!]

The bathroom was so expensive, it is expected expensive tiles, gold plated faucets and white gold toilet seats were to be placed inside. But lets assess the cost.

What are we in fact getting after paying $270,000 to the contractor? NOTHING UNUSUAL! No glass seats, no china faucets, no gold rimmed toilet seats. The land is the government own so that is not included in the price. And a separate landscape contract was granted, and therefore, that too was not included in the bill. So why are we paying $270,000 for something which costs far less than $70.000 to construct? ONLY THE MINISTER OF FINANCE knows.

We became suspicious of this deal from the start, and now that we see the ‘Helicopter’ man in the picture, WE ARE JUST SUSPICIOUS! THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME! BUILDING ONE DUNG HILL ON THE BACKS OF THE POOR FOR $270,000? ANOTHER BLATANT BACKSIDE RAPE!




  1. How much “kickback” Neko getting from the Saunders Beach Deal. But on the other hand the toilet seats may be 18k – Gold.
    When the Govt change we really need to have a Commission of Enquiry. And send the “theives” to jail.

  2. Man for that much gold coin the FNM government could stepped up and equipped the bathroom with a bunch of them fancy smart *** French Bidet toilets, you know the ones that even wipes your bum.

  3. Bahamian dont have money to eat and the government is building a $270,000 toilet on a public beach.. mudda sick……they should be shame….

  4. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess the contractor is someones cousin again….MY HOUSE DOESNT COST THAT MUCH!!!! with the car included…3 bedroom 2 bath garage = 12 rooms…middle class area, car- 2004….comeeeeeeeeeeee onnnn now. i need to move into this bathroom facility ok PAPA im coming

  5. Hush your mouth man cause only the best toilets for the backsides of them FNM cabinet folks. If they go and put that ‘no name’ sandpaper toilet paper in there they going be hearing from one bad *** Papa.

  6. If they were building several public facilities then maybe but this is just insane. Again wasting money that go towards Education.

  7. Now I see wyh Ministry of housing is at a virtual stand still and not building any houses,… If a contractor can get $ 270K + for a toilet, which contractor is going to build a house for the measly $70 – $80k they trying to shove down the contractors throat. … Did some one say “IT’S A MATTER OF TRUST”

  8. I have a dream that one day Bahamians will stop offering criticism for everything and offer solutions!
    My solution to this, have the contractor release the breakdown in cost to the Bahamian taxpayer. Oh in case I forget, how many of us really pay all our taxes????

    • Because i dont live in Nassau, I suspect this building is no more than a thousand (1,000) square feet the size of a low cost house. With that in mind you can figure the cost to be no more than $100.00 per square feet equaling $100,000.00 pay out to a contractor. which also should be the building cost of a house that size. But bare in mine a house that size would have partations and cabinets. So the cost of $270,000.00 is a rip off for rest rooms.

  9. BP, go to Montague and take a pic at the contract to spread some sand – a $60,000 sandpit…$60,000 for a sandpit??? they have no damned shame!!!

  10. this is corruption at it’s best we got people in nassau and the islands hurting to find food or pay there bills while the government them greasing they buddy’s pocket this is so sad the fnm government plans are to use up all the funds and sell off everything before they get vote out. you get people using generator because the light off while the fnm getting big kick back from these contract we need change like yesterday. and they get that thiefing helicopter man ther he hand light. ing-rum got him doing all his dirty work.

  11. BP
    I read alot of what is posted on your site and agree with most, but maybe, we need to look at the fact that the toilet is on the sea shore, infrastructure needed to be put in place to avoid erosion from the sea and in addition withstand hurricane force winds and water. Marine construction is far more expensive than regualar construction on dry land. That being said it is the public’s purse paying for all of this, the contracts should be available for inspection.

    • They are building this on land and not on the sea, you know? I was looking at it, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. They are using concrete blocks,cement, wood single and the same building code that they would normally use through out the island. Actually when you think about it, the whole Bahamas is a hurricane zone.

  12. BP you got them running. Not a bitch nor bullah could find they tongue to say anything about this one. I’m making reservations now to take a dump in that toilet to say I did it. LOL.

  13. Thanks BP for sharing this story!! I would certainly like to see the breakdown of the construction cost… There is no way that shack should cost that kind of money to build (well unless they had to break it down a couple times and re-build it)! I have seen the structure in passing. It doesn’t appear to be bigger than 20’ X 40’. If I am right, then the structure is probably less than 800 sq feet. The cost per square footage would be off the chain. Anyway, with Zhivargo Laing’s arithmetic they can justify that cost!!!

  14. Just to give you a perspective on how inflated this contract is, let me tell you what I paid for my house. I bought a two bed, two bath house on a piece of property 55’x100′. It had fully completed bathrooms, kitchens with cabinets and was a shade over 1000sqft. for $150,000. Now if I paid that for a brand new house, can someone please explain to me how someone can sign a contract to build two bathrooms with a few toilet compartments and some face bowls for $270,000.00 and this price didn’t include the land. On top of that they are proud of it. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Who do they think we are to not see something shady went on here? Do the people responsible think we are that nieve? Give us common citizens some credit please. Do you have that little confidence in the education system that you fund to think that we came out of that with nothing in our brains that allows us to think for ourselves and analyze things?

  15. We all know that should cost no more than $120k to build. No more. That’s with actual cost and contractor’s mark up.If they are paying contractors to construct a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, why are they paying this much for a bathroom facilities? makes no sense. Actually, it does…. This is The Bahamas, and it is the political season.

  16. Call the police BP!, call the police! this is highway robbery and rape. If it don’t have Oak or Mahoney Front Door, Oak or Mahoney vanities with granite counter top, marble tiles, European toilets and face bowls, state of the art alarm system with surveillance cameras, central air a/c, hot and cold water shower, Plasma Flat screen TV with surround sound, tell Mr. Helicopter joy rider and Mr. Drunk again we are not buying into it and we need them to return our chains. That’s why they keep looking at that building, they trying to figure out how they are going to swing the Bahamian people.

    • Media this is no surprise to me, what the FNM is doing is padding their supportors with these contracts for the pending election. You heard Mr.Ingraham said in the house recently, I get the bag now and it’s full. Secondly watch the amount of contracts Brent Symonette companies are receiving. We have to see exactly what the FNM is doing and expose them for what it is.

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