Trio Feared Dead off Bimini is ALIVE AND WELL!


Freeport, Grand BahamaBahamas Press reported a false tip tonight suggesting three persons from Bimini reroute to Grand Bahama via a vessel had perished in the seas. That earlier report was untrue and we can now report, was premature.

We can confirm the trio was discovered alive and well after missing at sea. Rescue teams, we can confirm, brought them all safely to Deadman’s Reef, just off Grand Bahama two hours.

Bahamas Press apologizes to the family for the added stress caused by our report. We apologize to the Bimini community for not properly crosschecking our initial report and we apologize to our wider international readership for our earlier, inaccurate update.

To all the rescue teams we say a JOB WELL DONE!


  1. BP. I am happy that no lives were lost. But, you must confirm these tips before you go to blog. There are many demons out there who, through their dedicated minions wish to discredit you and feel that they can accomplish this by planting stories/news.

  2. BP as much as my heart was grieved to hear the mis-reported news earlier, I am just so relieved and happy right now to learn that they are all alive and doing well. I can forgive your mistake, now that the truth is of a happier circumstance. My day started off crummy but hearing this news just made it a lot better!

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