U.S. college kicks out Bahamian for racist comments!


The student is related to a bigtime Government contractor!

CHARLSTON| Bahamas Press is learning a Grand Bahamian who applied to a college in Charleston has had her college application rescinded following racist comments amidst the fallout from the George Floyd case.

The student is the daughter of a bigtime FNM publicist who manages a number of major government contracts.

The student was kicked out of the school like a footfall off the field after making bigoted remarks. Another relative of the student also lost his job as he joined in defense of the student.

Racist, incendiary remarks, some now believe, are ingrained in the family which is deeply connected and rooted inside the FNM. How could you want to represent people and yet have the gall to exercise contempt for those same people who pay ya mah?! Well, what is this?

No one from the Minnis Administration nor has the foreign office condemned the comments of the student.

We report yinner decide!