UNFIT TO SERVE…Thousands made citizens before the General Elections


Boss HOG Brent Symonette has no damn shame!

Nassau, Bahamas — Brent Symonette, Kenneth Russell and Brensil Rolle are unfit to serve in the Government of the Bahamas. In fact, only a “Reprobate” mind would appoint them to any position of authority.

We will deal with Brent Symonette first. The Government is set to grant thousands of Citizenship to Haitians, Mr. Symonette is quoted as saying, “if you want to allege there’s a thrust to get people regularized before election, then no.” When asked why so many people were going to have their immigration status regularized, a definitive answer could not be reached.

BP wants Mr. Symonette to know, nobody expected you to admit the truth because the truth is not in you. We all know why they are being regularized at this time and it is solely to “buy” votes. Nothing more, nothing less. Why as you claim, these files have been there for years, but now you choose to deal with them? Would another nine months wait hurt? We always thought you were “RETARDED” but now the world knows. By the way, are you still giving information directly to the Americans without their need to go  through the proper channels?

Minister for Housing Kenneth Russell makes way to build homes for Haitian Squatters.

You sir, are unfit to serve and you should be fired forthwith for giving away the birthright of Bahamians. Is it because your various businesses require cheap labour? Could it be because your Mother was a foreigner and you sir may be able to trace your genealogy to Haiti through your Father?

Mr. Kenneth ” Dumbo” Russell, the idiot who Papa demoted when he took NIB from him cannot even build one clapboard house, is a dismal failure and should go in shame. The man who Mother Pratt called an “Uncircumcised Philistine” for telling lies on her in The House of Assembly continues to tell lies about Mackey Yard. He is quoted as saying, “The Ministry of Housing cannot give Citizenship”, we all know this you dumb idiot, however, you sit at the table as a Cabinet Minister and you have your vote. This Mr. “Idiot’ Russell is where citizenship is granted, right at the table where you sit with the other nineteen Idiots. You are collectively responsible for the grant of Citizenship and since you do not know this, you sir, are unfit to serve.

Brensil Rolle

Mr. Brensil Rolle is a special case and we have tried to forgive him because he really does not know any better. This Idiot is so busy trying to please Papa that he would say or do anything that he perceives will accomplish this goal. We hope that he has plenty Hogs on the Crown Land that he and Johnlee Ferguson operate on Cowpen Road, because that is where he will end up after the elections. Mr. Rolle claims that PLP “operatives” were telling lies about the “Mackey Yard” town meeting. Well Mr. Rolle, were they Bahamians or PLPS? do you know the difference?. You sir, are unfit to serve for putting Foreigners ahead of Bahamians. You sir, are also unfit to serve as you and Dumbo Russell could not together build one clapboard house between yourselves and we have been paying you for doing nothing.

We implore you Mr. Rolle to take your face out of “Papa’s” rear end and maybe you would see the reality and the lack of proper housing in this Country.

We cry shame on the Cabinet of the Bahamas for selling out the birthrights of Bahamians to Foreigners and you all are “UNFIT TO SERVE”. We will take our Country back before it is all gone.

We need Change Bahamas.

The Cabinet with NO DAMN SHAME!!!


  1. @Francis Clarke or is it, Clarke Francis? Respect is earned not bought or stolen as elections. If one live a respectful life, live up to promises made, be honest and transparent in their dealings towards the people then I am sure the people wouldn’t have a choice but, to be respectful. Your last paragraph speaks of GAME. OUR BAHAMIAN PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE NO GAME, OUR HERITAGE IS NO GAME AND OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE MOST CERTAINLY, IS NOT A GAME. This is serious and if you and those you want to demand respect for would: STOP, CANCEL AND REVIEW, THE THE BLATANT DISRESPECT SHOWN TO OUR PEOPLE IN THESE PAST YEARS MAYBE THEN, AND ONLY THEN YOU WILL EARN THE RESPECT YOU ARE BEGGING FOR. REMEMBER, RESPECT IS EARNED.

  2. Firstly i must say that the Bahamian people as well as the media need to show much more respect for our government leaders of our country. We as adults or responsible citizens of the this great country must lead by example, dont forget our children is watching.

    secondly, the issue of the MACKEY YARD issue, i think it is fair to say that all persons who wore living in this country for a numerous amount of years, once it can be proven should be granted citizenship. Now the question wheather it should be now or later, it doesnot make a difference it should be done.

    Please bahamains lets be resonable, politics is politics. This is nothing new, it is just being done under the FNM administration.

    • This country belongs to Bahamians and Haitians votes will not determine the outcome of our election. We will show the prime minister the power that Bahamians have in short order.

      • NOT A WORD FROM THE PRIME MINISTER ON THIS MATTER. Bahamians as we say, are suckers for punishment.


    • Don’t worry the game soon over though, the Bahamian will vote you all azzes out this same lap. It’s funny you should mention the children, yes, they watching and you could imagine how they feel to see how this wicked government feel about Bahamians, that they would give away their land to foreigners. I really feel so bad that they have to see this.

  3. I could see them now, if the FNM government get back in, they might try to change our country’s name from the Bahamas to BaHaiti. Their argument will be, we really thought we were doing the right thing and the Bahamian people would have been really happy about this, after all it’s the humane thing to do. It’s important that our Haitian brothers and sisters feel comfortable and like they are apart of this great nation, that’s why we have decided to change the name to BaHaiti.

    • Sound far fetch aye? Stay right there, you better don’t sleep on this FNM government, because they would do it. They already showing you they are not for the Bahamian people. I am surprised to see, we still have some Bahamians backing them, all I have to say, they must be like punishment. Trust me, this FNM government would change our country’s name to BaHaiti in a heartbeat and tell you, it was just a matter of time, before this happened. What we hold near and dear to us, doesn’t mean anything to them. You see, the way they giving out Bahamian citizenship like it was candy. Now, they are doing the same with our land. For some reason the Haitian people have in their heads, they have more rights than Bahamians, where do you suppose they get that notion from, it is this same wicked FNM government that made them feel that way. You can’t say A in this country without them jumping in and saying BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY and Z. Some of them would even try to fight you for opening your mouth in your country. Mind you, it’s not like Bahamians don’t like them you know, it just that most of us are easy going humble people, we are not use to all this fighting and carrying on all the time, but these people are use to that. For instance, you go to the bank and you see a long line and you meet people there waiting, why you would you feel that you are more special than anybody else or what you have to do is more important, why would you walk straight to the front of the line? You only could be looking for problems, then minute somebody say something to you, you want pull out the race card and say we don’t like you, because you are a Haitian. Wow! How convenient! These Haitian need to stop that! Are we suppose to let you do whatever you want do, because you are a Haitian?

  4. i never seen a Prime minister so greedy for power that he will do anything and everything for it. for the last four years this man has done more to hurt us then any former PM the middle class shrink down to selling phone cards btc was sold even doe it was the only bahamian company that make a good profit while BEC & BAHAMASAIR was broken the backs of bahamians with no profit you would think the government top focus would be to help the people in ground bahama who’s sleeping in they cars b/c thay have no work or home to go to yet this FNM can find time to call town meeting for the haitians who should not be here in the first place but like they say these bahamians will vote them back in again sad.

  5. Posted By: what about truth On: 7/17/2011 – Title: Haiti’s Nightmare – The Cocaine Coup THE TRIBUNE –
    It is 2011 and there are a few things about the Bahamas that is written few can refer to. One of them is that LIFE MAGAZINE February 1967 has AN EXPOSE – THE BEAUTIFUL BUT CORRUPT BAHAMAS, spells out clearly a Symonette in the picture of Bahamian politics as being a person of unsavoury character along with Sir Lynden emerging on the scene. The second reading is a rather startling one in which it now makes sense to understanding that pieces apart need be connected to get that picture which seems unrelated and yet it all streams together. 1985 the start of a booming drug trade from Haiti into the US. See http://www.globalresearch.ca February 25th 2004. Around this time The Bahamas is placed before the world on NBC Brian Ross – A NATION FOR SALE airing with Sir Lynden Pindling as corrupt prime minister, politicians with other government officials being a part of it, without a Symonette or Ingraham’s face being attached to the puzzle. Bahamian drug dealers were arrested and carted off, in 1992 the FNM came to power with a promise of TIME FOR A CHANGE, IT IS A MATTER OF TRUST and sure enough the clarification comes – TIME FOR ILLEGAL HAITIANS TO BE GIVEN THE RIGHT OF WHAT APPEARED TO BE A BUNCH OF PASSIVE BAHAMIANS WHO VOTED FOR PARTY POLITICS WITHOUT THE WELFARE AND SECURITY OF THE NATION IN VIEW. Mr.Ingraham’s now unpopular view in politics with Mr.Symonette high acknowledgement and approval ratings directing the country with US spells a few things – HAITI’S NIGHTMARE – THE COCAINE COUP & THE CIA CONNECTION IN THE RESEARCH dated February 25th 2004 spells out the blantant underminding of the majority of trusting Bahamians to a degree where the International Community can now trace a genocide began way back in bringing mental harm to the people born in the territory who are the original inhabitants as Haitians are originals in Haiti with the apartheid undertones. REPATRIATION EXERCISES OF HAITIANS IN THE EARLY TO MID 1960’S WAS THE ONLY WAY IN WHICH A SUBTLE ATTEMPT AGAINST BAHAMIANS SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS WOULD SABOTAGED THEM FOR OUTRIGHTLY DISRESPECTING THE BAY STREET BOYS ALSO WHITES WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THE DRUG TRADE GOT IMPUNITY WITH ALL BAHAMIAN BLACKS BEING ROUNDED UP. THUS HAITIANS AND WHITES IN THE BAHAMAS NEVER SAW THE LIGHT OF ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE DRUG TRADE BECAUSE THEIR DECEPTION AND CORRUPTION WERE TIGHTLY KNITTED TOGETHER WHERE WORDS SHAPED THE BELIEFS AND VISIONS OF THE PEOPLE WHO KNEW BETTER YET FELL FOR THEIR SEEMINGLY HOPEFILLED WORDS WITH OPPOSITE ACTIONS. US AUTHORITIES TARGETED BLACK AMERICANS AND BLACK BAHAMIANS CONTINUALLY AT PORTS WHICH WAS ACCEPTED AS BEING THE MEANS OF GETTING INTO THE US. ALL INVOLVED REALLY AND PLAINLY HAVE SPELLED OUT CLEARLY THAT THEY DON’T KNOW THEIR ASSES FROM THEIR ELBOWS. BEARING THESE PATTERNS IT IS CERTAIN THAT AN EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI WITH IDENTITY BEING ALMOST ZERO ALLOWS ANOTHER ISSUE TO MOVE SMOOTHLY THROUGH A CORRUPT SYSTEM WHERE BAHAMIANS MUST PROVE THEY ARE FROM THE BAHAMAS BY SUPPLYING EVERY DOCUMENT WHILE THESE ILLEGAL HAITIANS HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RIGHT TO DO AS THEY PLEASE.THE LEVEL OF OCCULTIC ACTIVITIES IN HIGH PLACES AND AMONGST THOSE WHO KNOW VERY LITTLE OF THE SPIRIT OF GREED FOR POWER AND POSITION WOULD RENDER EVERYTHING NONSENSE WHEN IN FACT, THE UNSEEN DO INFLUENCE THAT WHICH IS BEFORE YOU.

  6. The time this FNM party put into being wicked, if they would use that same energy to do good for the Bahamian people, you would be surprised to see how good this country would be doing. Brent them too wicked, man!!!





  7. The Bahamians must take full responsibility for the Haitians being here and must stop placing the blame on the FNM. It was you who voted for this good for nothing FNM goverment even after the PM told the Haitians to sue the goverment, when the PLP was was getting rid of them It was you who Joined with Mr Sidney Collie in forming the human chain proventing Mr Wisdom from moving those Haitians from Mackey yard and then went on and vote Mr Collie and his Fnms; and by so doing give them more power to protect the Haitians. Yes it was you.
    Don’t blame me I voted PLP. Just Do’t it again.

  8. @ Bahamas Press, I have said over and over, I cry shame on this Free National Mess Government. Mr.Brensil Rolle, who i heard spends most of him time playing ‘Farmville’ on facebook must realize that he his a DISGRACE to the entire Bahamas. As for Mr. Kenneth ‘dumbo’ Russell, who seem to fight with the english language is as dumb as an ox. There’s and old saying that goes birds of a feather flock together. I don’t know what Nassau will do .. BUT, Grand Bahama will reject the Jackass in High rock.

  9. I can’t help but thinking that the only picture that seems to be missing from the meetings of this modern day FNM cabinet is when the original UBP Boys would blow smoke rings from their cigars, because we can still recognize the blatant arrogance toward the Bahamian people in the air?

  10. BP.

    I listened to Mr. Brensil Rolle the other day during an interview about the Madckey Yard fiasco trying to fool us intelligent Bahamians saying that they are only offering the lots there to Bahamians. My question is this: Do you go to bed one night being a certain nationality and wake up the next day another? Of course not. There are some people who have been in this country for years with squint eyes and a foodstore in every grassroot area and they have citizenship but we still call them chinese. Even the set who born here we still call them chinese. All they are, are chinese with Bahamian citizenship. I have a green card and resided in the U.S for many years but am a Bahamian. So it really bothers me when the minister keep refering to the illegals who they gave citizenship to as Bahamians. NO THEY ARE DAMN NOT. They are HATIANS who are legal citizens of the Bahamas thanks to the FNM, NOT BAHAMIANS. We as people need to take a stand against this foolishness that is being peretuated right before our eyes. FNM’s, PLP’s, DNA’s and all Bahamians for saving our Beautiful Bahamaland need to take a stand. I don’t know if our government is mad. I wonder if all of these illegals were given a criminal background check in their country, screened for HIV AIDS or other communicable diseases or even learned the English Language. With the rapid rate they were granting these citizenships my guess to the answer is a BIG FAT NO. I don’t know if the government realizes most of our social problems and crime stem from this same illegal migration problem. Haiti has the highest ratio per capita of people infected wih AIDS in the WESTERN HEMISPHERE, and guess who is number two. The Bahamas. Connect the dots. The haitian women come here poor and literally thow themselves on the Bahamian men and in many cases sell their bodies on the street. Many of them come here sick and pass it on to whomever they go with. The young Haitian men come here and they want to fit in with their Bahamian counterparts. They want the nice clothes, the nice cars, and the nice girls. It is much harder for them to get a decent job that pays well so many of them turn to housebreaking, selling drugs and do whatever to get buy.

    • True Bahamian let us look at this, Brensil Rolle was all on the radios saying, “What we are doing is what the PLP did in Dignity, Pride, and other subdivisions all across the country. We wonder if Mr. Rolle is of the opinion that residents in these communities are all PAPER CREOLE SPEAKING BAHAMIANS? Now we find this verbal diarrhea by Mr. Rolle to be an assault on Bahamians English Speaking Bahamians in all government subdivisions.

      We await an answer.


    • Scary stuff there. What’s even scarrier is that ingie may have already gotten something from one of his many gay Haitian lovers now he feels the need to spread the wealth so to speak.

  11. @Michael Brown & Media

    You have hit the nail on the head when you noted the government’s callous disregard for the granting of citizenship rights to Haitians, while questioning the birth data of Hubert Ingraham and Brent Symonette. However, you failed to mention Arthur Foulkes.

    For many years I have wondered how an illegitimate child of a Turks Island woman surnamed LaRhoda could produce a Nahamian child named Hubert Ingraham? Although an entire nation remains bamboozled by the battalion of lies errected to hide the initial deception, which is that such a person could never provide proper documentation proving Bahamian status. Since even if the Ingraham person was a Bahamian, the illegitimacy of the birth relegated the child to his mother’s status.

    As you have already shown a plausible explanation why the son of a Canadian woman and a man who traced his ancestry directly to Haiti, resulting in dual Canadian/Bahamian citizenship for Symonette- the son, might regard Bahamiians with disdain, we will proceed to an analysis of the origin of the current Governor General.

    Declaring his mother a humble woman who had moved to Inagua from Haiti, Arthur Foulks will seldom disclose the birth details of his father. Perhaps, we should do a forensic investigation of our records to learn if there was ever a ceremony of naturalization for him. One is left wondering, if he ever even applied.

    The government’s callous disregard for the granting of citizenship rights to Haitians will require that due dulligence is given to proving the unsuitability of these three top national executives. There is a clear and present danger of born Bahamians being placed on the endangered species list, as the 9 million desperate souls of Haiti simltaneously descend upon our small economy, destroying its sustainability, and leaving only a record of our existence!

    • the haitian were told by thier elders that after columbus they were brought from the bahamas to hispanola they are now coming home ask mr norman soloman who predicted what you are seeing with the haitian influx and the crime he wrote these things in the tribune back in the seventies so whats going on does not suprise me

  12. No need to rant and rave, I believe there is nothing you can do, my advice is to really focus on educating our people so they can make decisions affecting the country based on an understanding of what they are voting for. I believe The Bahamas will stand a better chance with the PLP, but we must make college and university education available to Bahamians. If you really want to make a difference, call for a survey of all Bahamians who are home from school and could not afford to go back because of finances, many of them with as little as 20 credit hours to go. Sorry but our education system is a huge failure, our peopple are not prepared academically nor with adequate technical skills training. Even the foreignors whom we worship are now calling us dumb and stupid while we take the crumbs from their table. WAKE UP PEOPLE, we have sold our souls to the devil? LET TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FOR US! I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY FOREIGN INVESTOR MAKE ANY CONTRIBUTIONS TO EDUCATION NOR OUR 2 major hospitals, functioning in 3rd world status. With all the billions of dollars earned from tourism, why don’t we have a state of the art hospital to serve our tourist who are frightened at the sight of the operations. PRAY TELL WHAT CONTRIBUTIONS HAVE BEEN MADE BY OUR INVESTORS TOWARDS EDUCATION AND HEALTH, WHERE HAVE ALL THE MONEY GONE?

  13. I don’t want you people at BP to get the idea that if or when the PLP returns to office they will repatriate every Haitian in this country.That is not going to happen.These people are so rooted in this nation that it is now difficult to tell the difference between a Bahamian an a Haitian.They are now marrying our daughters and our sons.I know Bahamians who have married Haitians. Their mixed offsprings will one day lead our nation.We will have a Haitian prime minister within 30 years or so.Mark my words.Nevertheless,we must be careful not to harbor hatred in our hearts towards these people.Some of you guys are beginning to scare me.You guys are sounding more like white supremacists during the Jim Crow era than black Bahamians.We must love Haitians.Remember,BP,they are also the objects of God’s affection.Moreover,they are here to stay.There is nothing any of us can do about it.Therefore,we might as well go ahead and assimulate with them.Thank you!

    • No one can predict the future Kevin, We cannot even say the FNM will not get re-elected. What we can say at the present is this; the FNM is attempting to stack the cards in its favour this election by using HAITIANS and swearing them in as citizens! Some people have no DAMN SHAME!


  14. Did you know that you can move legal action against these people, the Minister and the Govt on this matter?
    Where are the true Bahamians who can do this cause I would gladly contribute to a fund to stop dis madness!!

  15. They come here illegally and now the goverment is rewarding them with papers… the bahamas goverment is taking part in crime.. NOW you see why we can’t do anything about crime in this country.. If i was in the usa for 30 years illeglly when ever they catch up with me i would be on the first thing smoking.. NO LAW AND ORDER IN THE BAHAMAS FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM.

  16. BP. What is really shocking is the apparent ease with which persons can receive citizenship. Larger countries with huge populations guard the right of citizenship jealously. But we Bahamians seem to hold our citizenship in such low esteem that we are prepared to give it to almost anyone. I do not think that it is our mission in life to assist everyone who has citizenship issues.Brent Symonette doesn’t care a damn because his late mother was Canadian; he has dual Canadian/Bahamian citizenship.Perhaps our leaders need to apply for citizenship of another country. Then they will see that unless you meet the most rigorous criteria no nation will grant them its citizenship.

    • Michael what you expect when you have SHAMEFUL PEOPLE elected to power? We expect no better from them. The leadership of the FNM has no DAMN SHAME!


  17. BP, when given a choice between the good of the coountry and their political life, its clear that this FNM government has choosen to work to retian their power. As a result of this, the nation burns as every decision they make is tainted with politics and nationalism.

    We are watching the most blantant attempt to affect elections in this country and the media stands by with idle hands and the church is quiet while these bandits sell out this country!

    But whats even more sad is whoever the next government is, they wont go back and undo the damage!


    • Media can you find the final results of each constituency for us please. We wanted to do an analize for this election, thanks

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