URCA is considering an application by Cable Bahamas to increase your monthly cable bill


Cable Bahamas say they want you pay more for its JACKASS service – No EXTRA CHANNELS BUT MORE MONEY FOR BASIC? HELL NO!!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – Cable Bahamas had unveiled a 37.4 per cent net income increase to $6.339 million for the 2012 first quarter, up from $4.614 million during the same period in 2011.

The company also confirmed its operating income was up 27.1 per cent at $7.854 million, compared to $6.178 million in 2011. If this is so then could someone…ANYONE tell BP, why does Cable Bahamas need to increase its monthly fees to consumers? WE NEED A NEW PRIVATE CABLE COMPANY TO COMPETE IN THIS MARKET!!!!

Today, the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA), issued for public consultation, its review of Cable Bahamas Limited’s (CBL) application for a permanent price increase for SuperBasic [REVTV Prime] cable television (TV) services.

CBL is seeking a 27% increase in the monthly charge, which would mean a per month price increase of $8 for residential consumers and $13.50 for the commercial customer. The current monthly rates of $30 and $50 respectively have not changed since CBL introduced the service in 1995. URCA has planned a public consultation on the application which will include community meetings in New Providence, Abaco, Exuma, Grand Bahama and Long Island; radio and television appearances, in national and local coverage.

SuperBasic [REVTV Prime] cable television service is a price regulated service. CBL must therefore first obtain URCA’s written approval before it can make any price changes to the basic cable TV package. The consultative document outlines URCA’s review of CBL’s application.

On the basis of the specific financial information provided to URCA by CBL and supporting information from other relevant markets, URCA finds that the requested price increase appears reasonable. The application however raises significant concerns regarding the affordability of necessary television services since there is no lower-priced (more affordable) package.

Readers must remember Cable Bahamas and BTC pays the staff at URCA so what does that mean ga happen?

And get this; URCA will begin a series on Town Meeting around the country on this matter and we at BP invite you to come out, join us in cussing them out…

The first in a series of town meetings is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th at 6:30 p.m. at the Holy Cross Anglican Church in Highbury Park, off Soldier Road.

This consultation will be open to public comment until October 19, 2012. The consultative document is available on URCA’s website, www.urcabahamas.bs. Hard copies may be collected from URCA’s office, UBS Annex Building, East Bay Street. Persons should telephone 393 0234 or email info@urcabahamas.bs.



  1. They need to get these foreigners out to this country all they see in The Bahamas is a gold mine just taking and dragging the poor to the ground. I think Direct Tv need to come in take their business because they stealing from Direct Tv anyway. Believe it or not we had some Bahamians who are on Cable Bahamas Board agreed to the increase so they could get their cut. Always remember everything is only for a season. They gat to go.

    • Cable Bahamas isn’t owned by foreigners anymore, actually Hubert Ingrahm holds majority stock and his son-in-law is a “head honcho”. Hence why the service has gone completely south, especially considering that a lot of the “premium” channels are in Spanish.

  2. We Bahamians allow dis crap to happen yah know. Listen… I got satellite from 2007 right from Universal Distributors. I only pay $199.00 a year for over 400 clear tv channels (adults too). I getting everything Cable Bahamas (CB) have and more except ZNS and Cable 12. I use my rabbit ears indoor antenna for ZNS, and it come in clearer than CB. Yah know, das only $16.58 a month. Yinna Jus Email dem at universaldistributors@ymail.com, as long as I pay my cheap bill, I stay on. I can’t remember the phone number, but I know dah email address.

    I take dah extra money I save from NOT paying CB and pay my other bills. I save $990.00 a year with Universal, and I get 3 times more channels and I more than satisfied.

    It is time yinna Bahamians help ya own. You all let these damn foreigners come in here and rape dis Bahamas. Yinna give them ALL the money for crappy service and less channels and yinna have the nerve to complain. Watch dis… the minute yinna Cable TV go off, yinna go run to CB to pay an arm and a leg, and come out complaining. CB get away with dis crap because you all allow dem to do it.

    CB freely stealing Directv satellite programming, and the government helping dem out. Only in dah Bahamas hey. Now dey want you to pay dem more for selling stolen property. I never see so much bull crap in my life.

    Yinna paying fer crap and complaining… just stop paying, das all. CB prices going up, because dah deal done gone through under the table. Town meeting is just showboating. Just watch, ain no one ger stop da price increase. Dat done paid for in full.

    I ain know what ta say but we Bahamians, we jus sit down and complain and then after all dah complaining, we just give the big boys (CB) whatever dey want.

    Yinna STOP paying CB and get satellite and yer $5.00 rabbit ears to pick up ZNS, times too hard to be paying out big bucks to CB every month.

  3. The good people of Carmichael say NO!! why because we are not getting proper cable now it be off when ever they see fit they do not reemberse you they charge you late fee you have as many tv and boxes that u have to pay for the cable is not clear on channel 22and others creol and whatever else coming over your tv and yoiu speak english so you dont even understand what is being said so we say A big fat NO

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