Usman Saadat has tendered his resignation from URCA

Usman Saadat Hubert Ingraham's Man to head URCA has tendered his resignation.

Bahamas Press has learnt the CEO of URCA, USMAN Saadat, has tendered his resignation to the Minister of National Security earlier this week.

We are told the embattled head of the regulatory corporation resignation was accepted by the minister as Saadat is now on an extended vacation leave.

After delivering the scandalous sweetheart deal [ the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless], Saadat has done his job and now he could go.

We wonder if he has been offered a job at CWC? We shall monitor and see.

Meanwhile Bahamas Press is monitoring events happening in the Nassau Harbour. We can confirm something fishy is happening on the waters.

Last night Butch Stuart’s yacht left the post on the east end of the Paradise Island bridge. We know boarding his vessel were George Myers, Butch Stuart [Owner of Sandals], Frank Watson and some 5 Jamaican nationals. The men met in camera in an interesting meeting.

We know WATSON is the only man Papa trust, and Bahamas Press will soon deliver the deal being struck by that secret meeting. We want them to know Bahamas Press was on-board last night pouring the wine glass. We shall see if they ga make a move.

Stay Tuned!..


  1. Dear Prime Minister Ingraham,
    With the recent resignation of Mr. Usman Saadaat from the Utilities and Regulatory Commission (URCA) just one month after the Sale of the National Telecommunications Company (BTC).
    I would like to invite you to cause an audit of URCA and its activities prior to Mr. Saadaat final day of on or before August 31st 2011. This audit should be mandatory at the commission to ensure that licensees where not privileged or favored by the short stay of Mr. Saadat in the position.

    I also find it unusual that Mr. Saadat waited until the entire “Ruckus” in the media has dies down to use the media as an excuse for his exit.
    It will also be more interesting to see where or if he shows up anywhere else in our beloved country other than the departure lounge at LPIA.

    Good Riddance Saadat, and soon to your enablers

    • I guess Mr. Saadat’s mission has been accomplished, in ensuring the finalization of the sale of BTC to Cable & Wireless and so , there’s no more need for the position at URCA.

  2. This man with this slick hair is a piece of work, mission accomplished now he want talk crap. What a weasel! He knew when he boarded the plane to come here, he had a plan to assist Papa with the sale of BTC, now he done do what he came to do, he want offer this lame excuse about why he is resigning from URCA. He don’t need to tell us why he’s resigning, we already know why, so no need to add more insult to injuries. If he did cared anything about what we thought of him, he wouldn’t of been here in the first place. He knew full well when he was taking that position over at URCA there would be controversy surrounding it, nor did that stop him. I don’t know what Papa been telling him about us or maybe because he see we voted for Papa he seems to think we fool.

  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the first foreigner mixed up with the new BTC to feel the pressure to exit our Bahamaland. Yeah it’s me Usman Saadat.

    • They all need to feel some pressure ta leave. All these foreigners who working where Bahamians could be employed need ta go. Ya see the politicians love foreigners because they can manipulate them for a work permit, they dont have that power over Bahamians. Hey Carl Bethel, Lemme them goons a yours, lemme see if we could roll some a these mother****** out so my people could find work, LMAO.

  4. It took America 10 years and billions of dollars to get the # 1 terrorist in the world hidden in Pakistan.
    Saadat you can run but can’t hide. We the Bahamian will have our day in Court, and I don’t think you are so much smarter than us. So take your finder’s fee because you will be needing it for a good lawyer. To the new Prime Minister, upon taking office, in your first 90 days you should have your articles drawn up for a Commission of Inquiry. Now is not the time for you to sit on your laurels and make speeches. We will demand action, and if you choose not to then you will be remove .

  5. Saadat completed his job and now its time to leave, he will eventually end up back at Cable and Wireless.
    Hubert did a job on us and he will be joining Saadat soon. In-fact Wayne Aranha need to join Saadat as well, because he has also comspired to sell the Bahamian people assets. Maybe he shearing that 3% finders fee with Julian.

  6. anytime a bahamian can’t say how they feel b/c of fear of loosing there job thats hypocrisy. not democracy. we need to stop fooling our self. the so call PM is no different than kadafi who will kill his own for power wake up bahamas..

  7. BP, Mr. Saadat has completed the sabotage that Traitor Ingraham hired him to do. Listen, from Carlos Slim (the richest man in the world, and the Mexican telephone compamy mogul), to the Aga Khan, to Ingraham, to Saadat, to Holowesko (ma & child): one colossal rape of my country! The graft from the BTC deal will fund the FNM’s campaign coffers for the upcoming election. The Saadat play was a case of the Head Spy delegating some dirty work to the Cable & Wireless spy. Boy Ingraham bold hey? He really thinks that we all fear him so he can do as he likes. He will learn soon that he cannot get away with this ****. What a corrupt creep!! Bahamians should accept the money, and still vote against the the FNM.

  8. I dont want Bahamian to take eyes off what going on. The value off the FIBER OPTIC CABLE to the USA, CUBA and Haiti is worth 1 Billion dollars thats B as in Billion. This man USMAN dont need to work no more hes a mutli millionaire.Usman did his part sold our birth rights.Royal Commisson of inquiry no matter how long it takes JUSTICE MUST BE DONE.

  9. There’s no way I ga leave this goldmine (Bahamas). but ah gotta take a lower profile job. URCA got Problems with Cable Bahamas,SRG,Port Authority and now them fellas from CWC callin me erryday!!

  10. This kat, Ussman Saadat, remained on staff while the heat was on and much was being said about him and his dealings.
    It is interesting, he chose to step down after noise had faded and after he completed the government’s bidding.

    I say to Usman, don’t walk too fast, your bosses in government will be leaving shortly also.
    They may wanna catch you up.

  11. Don’t go too far with our money Usman baby. Don’t try do a Bin Laden in Pakistan either. You WILL be found. When the commission call you better be front and center with every cotton pickin cent to account for! Clock tickin’…

  12. SO Usman Saadat resign ay? If C&W hire him back we know it’s a set up!!! I tired of these people treating us worse then potcake, so Bahamians ain’t supposed to have nothing and all that is foreign is good? I don’t think so. Papa and the FNM need to answer for these crimes against the people.

  13. You’re right BP… Usman has accomplished his mission… now he can carry his @$$ back to Pakistan, the country where they allow terrorist to live for years in luxury. Just ask Bin Laden dem. Hubert and his counterpart (Usman) has hijacked the telecommunications industry and he (Usman)will no go home in luxury with a back full of Bahamian money. yall need to play Ancient man for him… “if we don’t ever ever see him no more, ….it will be to soon”

  14. who cares if the good man mr saadat resigned i’m sure someone in the fnm government will say they made this thing is the man came here to do a hatchet job and he did it and i’m sure he will receive full pay for carrying out the mandate of hubert ingraham and the fnm.

  15. BP you seem to know what’s shaking around politics, so may I ask you if you wish to comment if the looming resignation of a senior FNM cabinet minister will be the force to loosen the political grip Papa has be able to maintain over his politically paranoid cabinet?

    • WTF? What a laugh this is. The man done do his damage and laughing all the way to the bank at us stupid people! Anyway, same ol’ same ol’.

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