Voting PAPA and His Minions out of Office is Minor Punishment

The men whom after elections will be voted out of POWER!


Nassau, BahamasBP has engaged the services of BBB Analytics to carry out polling in the Bahamas. A poll conducted over the last five days show the FNM losing badly. The PLP leads in the popular vote with 57 %, the FNM at 34% and the DNA at 23%.

This would translate into a landslide win for the PLP. It also explains the uncouth behaviour of Papa Clown, Hubert Ingraham and his minions.

They see the handwriting on the wall and Papa Clown has now become a desperate man, promising all manner of things like a Jugaliss with a stolen credit card.

If we take the mismanagement of the Road Improvement works and the scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money with no accountability, Papa should hang his head in shame. In fact, by his own words, voting him out of office would be minor punishment and he needs something more major. Well, we will suggest something more major for him and his clueless Cabinet. How about jail? For massive abuse of the Bahamian Public purse. This may not be punishment enough in our view and some of them need to be hog tied and flogged with cat-o’-nine tails publicly in Rawson Square. It should be 20 lashes each on their rear ends.

Papa Clown has put a tax burden of more than 2.5 billion on the backs of the Bahamian Children yet unborn in less than five years. It would be very dangerous to keep him around to put more burden on an already fragile economy. If we continue along this road of borrow, give padded contracts to cronies to the likes of the Mosko’s, Telco Enterprises, Tycoon Management, FES Construction et al, we will be looking for a bailout on the order of Greece.

We must vote this mongrel out of office and since this is a minor punishment for their sins, we must never allow them to return.


We Report yinner decide!


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