We Want Janet On Mt. FritzWilliam! Bostwick Appointed Acting GG!

Janet Bostwick


Nassau, Bahamas – Please be advised that Their Excellencies Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor-General and Lady Foulkes will be out of the country from 24th April to Saturday, 7th May, 2011. Their Excellencies will travel to London to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

During the absence of His Excellency the Governor-General, the Honourable Janet Gwenneth Bostwick will be appointed to act as Deputy to the Governor-General.

 Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham is also invited to the Royal occasion. BP will be monitoring and reporting his every move.


  1. The day the Bahamas abolishes the monarchy and becomes a republic, will be the day that Abaco will get serious again about secession and move towards becoming independent of the Bahamas, and becoming either an independent state recognizing the monarchy or a dependency of Great Britain.

    • Abaco has always been resentful of becoming federated within the Bahamas and I believe you’re absolutely right.

  2. @ KM,John Joseph, Tal Russell, Mario & K4C

    Andre “exposed” the plot (can’t you see through this thin “consideration” given to Janet at this time). Her son, John, is one of the loudest protesters about the need for better governance and has gone a step farther to design a plan for national development. This “move” is designed to REEL HIM IN (in the interest of mom being honored).

    Don’t forget that we are in the horse trading season (election is near) and the guys are willing to work with whatever it takes to get the job done.

  3. this is how yhis government operates the minute mre bostwick son comes out with a plan to take the country foward the prime minister reals the old guard back in by offering them a carrot.and you know something it will work because we bahamians don’t stand for anything,we love power and and anything that comes with power.a sad sad day.

  4. Mrs. Bostwick is a good choice for the position of Acting GG. However, I am somewhat concerned, that Rt. Hon. Prime Minister may embarrass the Bahamas at the Wedding and get drunk and wet himself up. You know how he acts, when he see free Alcohol. I hope Sir Arthur keep a close eye on him and keep him in line.

  5. I’ll tell you when I will have any interest when it comes to which patronage appointment the prime minister of the day appoints to serve as the Governor-General? When the Bahamian moving into the big pink house at the top of the hill is a “true” Bahamian Governor, and not the monarch’s representative as the Governor-General. It is ridiculous that we still pretend to be loyal subjects of Her Majesty. Just the thought of Prince Charles wife Camilla becoming our Queen is enough to fire this outdated Royal Family. Be honest have you ever seen a more dysfunctional family than the Royals? Bahamians need to come to grips with the continuing to play the game of The Royals. I’d rather see the Tribune’s Hub Cap peddling his bicycle up the hill as the peoples Governor than another pretend Governor-General. I can’t wait see Governor Hub Cap hanging is array of Hub Caps off of the statue of Christopher Columbus. Any time you want to talk with the Governor, no need for an appointment since you can just show up to buy one his bargain priced wheel covers? I guess since he is a real Bahamian Governor the FNM cabinet will hit the Gov up for his 9.8% NIB contributions. Bet you GG Foulkes chauffeur is paying more NIB than His Excellency?

      • I say make perry acting GG. an Lady ping National security Minister, and Moncur head of Foxhill prison….we will have a better country, what you think?? it really dont mean anything to having appoint all these GG in our short history, to cause us to pay more taxes, to have them live like kings. i say abolish this english system of waste on hand shakes an pomp. time for the republic of the bahamas ok dread Fred, lets move it now with Bran in charge ok

        • Before we could even concieve doing any of the above we gata first FIRE HUBERT INGRAHAM and DISBAND THE FNM!


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